Discover the Academy Founded by Selene Calloni Williams, it embraces the archetypal Western psychology in James Hillman’s imaginal vision and the oriental one in Michael Williams’ shamanic and tantric vision.  Although it doesnt have a physical location in one place, it has roots all over the world and it organizes seminars and courses in many cities, in Italy and abroad. The Academy was designed to accompany you on a journey of profound transformation of your being and your professional life. Imaginal Academy International puts at your disposal Four Schools or Paths and a three-year Counseling School that includes all of them and leads you, at the end of the journey, to obtain the qualification of Imaginal Counsellor, certificated at a European level. The Academy courses are very special. You can follow them online or in the classroom or even traveling to the most mystical and magical places on the planet. As the classroom you will have the Siberian steppe, or a lake or forest on the edge of the world or a deep cave. Before choosing your Extra-Ordinary Path take a few minutes to download the PDF where you will find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions that come to mind and find out how deep, beautiful and profitable the journey will be with Imaginal Academy International.
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