Amo ergo sum

Amo ergo sum

Depatriarcalization Manifesto

In the economy of exploitation, the engine that has led to the ecosystem and human health compromisation is the loss of the sacredness of nature and our bodies.

It is necessary to change the world and life vision. A new method of thinking is indispensable. We call it “imaginal thinking” and define the contemporary mind as a “poetic mind.”

While the patricentric mind is precariously rational, the poetic mind is an expanded mind that includes powers such as love and faith, which belong to the sphere of the soul of the feminine. It is a holographic mind: it can see all in one and one in all. It can understand that phenomena are not mechanical effects of causes, but they are animated by their end, which is already in their reasons. A mind that becomes strong with emotions, rather than being an enemy to them, can include the feminine and be rational and logical at a higher level.

Since desacralised therapy is touted to the bitter end in the patricentric model, it is seen as the only way to deal with discomfort, ailments, and problems.

Desacralized therapy is an anaesthetic experience that tries to violently repress the dimension of the shadow and the feminine just because it is frightening. In this mentality, proposing the vision of the disease as a call to a chthonic journey capable of restoring the balance between opposites is tiring and highly opposed.

The alternative to the anaesthetic experience is the aesthetic experience, proposed by the great spiritual, esoteric, and art paths. The feminine dimension is represented by beauty as the manifestation of the sacred and love pervading nature. Patricentric culture has extenuatingly fought against this dimension.

We learned that there is no victory for men that is not simultaneously a victory for nature.

The aesthetic way is the way of the sacred, the male-female balance, and the reason-faith balance.

Desacralized therapy focuses on the problem of normality at the service of the need for control exercised by the patricentric culture and the hierarchy of power.

The aesthetic way focuses on the theme of happiness. It is at the service of the full realisation of each individual and the triumph of nature.

Depatriarcalization of culture is necessary to give each individual the possibility of transforming emotions such as sadness, anxiety, anguish, and depression – which are rampant today – into strengths and opportunities for growth.

Depatriarcalization is essential to eradicate the feelings of hatred present in today’s culture, such as racism and homophobia. Patricentric morality is based on discrimination.

The aesthetic experience has a broader power than the moral dimension. It has the strength of inclusion.

While the masculine is vertical, the feminine is horizontal. The loss of balance between these two dimensions has led to unsustainable social imbalances and injustices. In our society, few have much, and many do not even have what is necessary to survive.

The aesthetic way is the path of spirituality, free from the hierarchy of control and power.

Depatriarcalizing means transitioning from a moralistic vision – which is utilitarian, aimed at power – to an aesthetic vision, which is natural, aimed at freedom.

The destabilisation of the ecosystem and the loss of biodiversity are unsustainable.

  • We must restore the balance now! The time is now!
  • We are all called to contribute.

The institutions and policies that support patricentric do not represent humanity.

We need a new political symbol. We urgently need symbols. We don’t need leaders who have technical, scientific, or strategic knowledge. We need leaders who truly know how things come into being, how they are maintained, and how they dissolve. We have forgotten poiesis, the creation of the soul!

We must remember that the psyche, the universe, our body, and everything has a poetic nature, not a rational one.

The belief that the objectivity of things is not a superstition, while believing in the invisible is considered a superstition is itself the first of superstitions.

  • The world is an act of faith. We each find in events what we believe in and what we seek.
  • Those who believe in objectivity, they live in a world of control.
  • Those who have faith in the unseen live in a mythical world. Faith begins when all beliefs end.

Beyond rational thought and mythical thought, there is the imaginalist, who lives in a poetic world. The imaginalist is an artist and a shaman, a mystic, a true ecologist, and he is the true scientist, not the one who wants to dominate nature, but the one who wants to serve it. His thought is poetic and comes from the heart.

Science cannot ignore the sacred, the ability to ask for permission from nature before splitting an atom or proceeding, armed with scalpels and scissors, against the organs.

  • We forget that matter is a pure possibility and that each of us finds what he is looking for in phenomena.
  • We forgot it when we started attending school desks.
  • We must bring the sacred back to the schools or the school back to the woods. Nature is not just life. It is also a teacher, a guide, and a lover.
  • We are here to serve nature and not to use it!
  • We have to make a revolution of consciousness.

It is not the time for soothing drugs and sleeping pills. It is the time for awareness.

The first practice of the revolution of conscience is smiling at every single drop of water that we encounter to convey serenity and reassure it. If you can do this without feeling embarrassed, you are starting to heal from “normality.”

Modern science is moving to serve nature, shaking off that anthropocentric perspective that has pushed the human species, through technology, to plunder the planet’s resources.

Every individual, scientist or not, can help this vital process. Every individual can bring it to an acceleration: the ecological question is a fight against time.

As human beings, we are called to make an act of love towards our soul, the soul of the world, nature, our ancestors, and our children. It is the revolution of human beings towards their civilisation, the civilisation of profit, deception, arrogance, and violence against nature.

It is the revolution of the feminine, the soul, and the moon. It will be silent and nocturnal, and it will happen through dreams. It will change the values from the roots, go underground, and transform the culture from its roots. It will happen in a few years, and we will all live it as protagonists and witnesses. It will be peaceful because it will not be wanted by the human mind but by the world’s soul. It will be so deep that even the colour of the sky will change. Come on, let’s keep writing it. From now on, words have a new meaning!

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