Amo ergo sum

Amo ergo sum

Aesthetica – Forest Therapy Guides School


Forest Therapy Guide School
in English with Selene Calloni Williams⁠

English or Italian speaker, this school is for you, to open your heart and your mind to the Shinrin-Yoku, the art of “forest bathing”.

You will deepen your relationship with nature, with yourself and with your clients.
You don’t have to social distance with nature and with your imaginal forest!
During this COVID fearful times, you will foremost benefit of a full immersion in nature from your home!
The School is entirely in English and provides a diploma amongst the most recognized in Europe as it is accredited by AISCON, the Italian-Swiss Association for professional counseling and coaching.

It is a great opportunity to internationalize your work!⁠The school consists of an online course structured in 10 lessons, a webinar and a retreat in the woods.

The school leads to the professional qualification of “Forest Therapy Guide“, recognized by AISCON, Italian-Swiss counseling Association.


Shinrin-Yoku – L’immersione nei boschi, ed. Studio  Tesi

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