Amo ergo sum

Amo ergo sum

Training School for Imaginal Regression and Progression Operators


If your intent is to travel the extra-ordinary and sublime territories of your soul, this path is yours.
Knowledge dedicated to all those who feel they have an inexplicable impediment that separates them from the realization of their goals and wish to overcome the obstacle now. For those who want to take a path of self-knowledge and inner growth.
The Training School for Regression Operators and Imaginal Progression is cyclical and it is possible to start at any time of the year and catch-up the year after. In addition, you can participate in individual seminars in the classroom.
To obtain the diploma with the final registration to the Aiscon list, it is necessary to complete the 150-hour course.
You will see how each of us lives by putting on the stage of life a myth and each of us redeems himself, resolves himself, frees himself when he “sees” the myth he is putting on the stage of life by living.
You will discover what “past and future life” really means in the light of the fact that linear time, the feeling of before and after, is an illusion or, they say in Buddhism, “Chitta Maya”, “deception of the senses”.
This and more will be explored in the light of the imaginal vision, which represents one of the futuristic and spiritual peaks of contemporary thought.
In the space of 9 months you will become a certified Progression and Imaginal Regression Operator.

Let’s recap School – OnLine or In the Classroom

50 hours of overall training divided into:

  • 2 online courses of regression and progression with an imaginal approach – Basic course and advanced course.
  • Regression and Imaginal progression course – 3 or 4 days in the classroom in which the imaginal regression is deepened with integrated tools such as the pendulum, the visionary mandala of the regression and the samskara of mnestic concretions
  • Urban Enlightment intensive course in the classroom – Orange module: focused on the regression with imaginative approach or the Soul Perception course and the course dedicated to the Bardo Tosgrol
  • Channelling with the Nat, online weekly course lasting 74 hours
  • The Diploma of Shamanic and Integral Yoga instructor
  • Post-diploma credits and certifications

Thematic Learning Units

  • How imaginal regression can “heal” the present
  • Beliefs about reincarnation
  • The Ongon, the guide during the shamanistic regression
  • The trance achieved with progressive relaxation; the evocative keywords
  • Use of the pendulum
  • The shamanic transit life / death / life
  • Stopping the winds of Karma
  • The mirror technique
  • How to understand and decipher the authenticity of a regression experience
  • Future lives: how to access them and how to rework and integrate samskaras, impressions and future lives.
  • Visionary mandala of regression and progression with samskara of mnestic concretions (favorite childhood games, attitudes and talents, places of the world, suggestive historical periods, signs on the body, irrational fears, etc.)

After the Degree

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion from the Imaginal Academy in Switzerland
For Italy & Switerland based participants, C.E. Credits & course certificate will be given to you at the completion of the course
Participants will automatically be enrolled in the Imaginal Vision Basic membership to continue the discussion of consciousness, enlightenment, and for special offers and events from Selene Calloni Williams