Amo ergo sum

Amo ergo sum

(Milan, Italy – Language: Italian) Mother Mantra, Diamond Initiation

250,00 cad.

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With Mother Mantra you can absorb the reality,<\/em> free from the prison of materialism and objectivity of things and become master of events, rather than the victim.

The path of knowledge of Mother Mantra has two seminars, known as Diamond<\/em> and Lightning<\/em>, at the conclusion of these studies you become Bearers of the Mantra<\/em> and you have a complete understanding of the teachings.<\/p>\r\n\r\n

Then you can receive initiation as a Guardian<\/em>.  <\/span>The ceremony is given only once a year in Edinburgh and enables you to train others in the precious teachings you have received.<\/p>\r\n\r\n

During the initiation of the Diamond, in addition to knowing the proper Mother Mantra, you will learn the \”Spiritual Exercises in the morning and evening\u201d<\/em> powerful retreat practices of the projections or reabsorption of the real to a life of freedom, creativity and of joy. Doing regular \”Spiritual Exercises in the morning and evening\” you will enable you to be awake, free from deception, the objectivity of things, able to dream consciously to a new world.<\/p>\r\n\r\n

A real healing for an individual is, at the same time, the true healing for our planet. The feeling of being finished, and shut away, alone, is completely misleading and a source of suffering. It is the time, this, of deep ecology<\/em>.<\/span><\/p>\r\n”}]