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When visiting other countries we want to understand their inner spirit, we give importance to communication, conversations and rituals which involve significant people from local societies, cultural and religious minorities, ethnic groups and tribes, we learn about traditional practices which benefit physical and spiritual health

It is an opportunity for taking a break from habits and daily routine, an opportunity for meditation, imagination, dream.

Learning about different stories and lives, different values, savouring their taste without judgment. It is the first step towards the only value of authentic adventures: freedom. With the ability, perhaps, to see with new eyes the world which we come from.

Like ancient sailors who left their harbour accepting the whims of the wind, and raising their sails into the unknown, torn between curiosity and fear.

We organise study and research trips, respecting the nature and cultures we meet. From these trips come books and documentaries.

It takes long time to organise these trips and still at the last minute we can modify the program in line with the movements of shamans or personalities we want to meet.

As our trips are not touristic, sometimes it is not possible to have high standard accommodation and you have to sleep in tents, for example.

Organising a trip can take even years and we do it with great passion. From these trips you come back extremely enriched, with a universe of inspiration in your heart, new energies to do, to think, to create. Our travels have given a lot to many people.

Sometimes you have to walk, to sleep in tents, sometimes travel during the night to get to an unmissable ritual ceremony at dawn. But what you receive in return is always more than a thousand times the effort required.

Those who want to come with us have to accept all the peculiarities of our trips, have to be adaptable and demonstrate to be seriously interested in the subject of our research.

Those who want to come with us should appreciate our ability, certainly unique and valuable, to trace paths to discover authentic personalities able to give so much humanly and spiritually, as great yoga masters, shamans, tantric oracles, sadu, budo.

Our trips require love for the earth and the humankind, enthusiasm (en-theos = to be in dio), intelligence, sensitivity, respect. A journey with us can give so much to everyone, but not everyone can come with us.

For these reasons we want to make a telephone or skype call with people interested in our trips before including them in our small travel groups. If you have never traveled with us, please contact us to schedule an interview.

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Selene Calloni WIlliams
Selene Calloni WIlliams
Selene Calloni WIlliams