The Mother Mantra

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Noble daughter and noble son, if you have chosen this path you are about to discover the most ancient of the Mysteries of the Moslem, Alchemical and Esoteric traditions. The path of knowledge of the MM is divided into two basic Initiations, called "Diamond" and "Lightning", at the end of which you become "Bearers" of the Mantra and you have a complete knowledge of the teachings. Finally you can go to Edinburgh and receive the Third Initiation and become the "Keeper" of the MM. Being initiated into the Mother Mantra is an individual and inner revolution destined to manifest itself in a global change. Initiations of the Mother Mantra: this is how it works - online and live. If you choose this path In the space of 12 months you will be initiated and you will become Keeper of the MM.

The First Initiation called the Diamond.
Besides knowing the Mother Mantra properly said, you will learn the "spiritual exercises of the morning and the evening", powerful practices for the withdrawal of projections or reabsorption of reality for a life of freedom, creativity and joy.
By regularly practicing the "spiritual exercises of the morning and the evening" you will find yourself "awake", free from the deception of the objectivity of things, capable of consciously dreaming a new world.

The Second Initiation called the Lightning.

In addition to deepening the knowledge of the Mother Mantra properly said, you will learn healing and self-healing rituals that will help you live a joyful existence and help all sentient beings.


There can not be an individual healing that is not parallel to a healing of the planet. The feeling of being finite and closed in ourselves is completely misleading and a source of suffering. This is the time of deep ecology.

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