Shamanic Yoga Retreat 2020 USA

The Selene Calloni Williams’s Academy moves to the USA proposing a taste through the heart of its teaching: Shamanic Yoga. 

The proposal is an intensive training course for Shamanic Yoga teachers lasting 7 days in the spring-summer 2020 period (place to be defined)

FUTTHERMORE YOU WILL BE SUPPORTED BY THE VIDEO-COURSE "THE VALUE  OF SOUL-MAKING” held by SELENE CALLONI WILLIAMS and other professionals  who will guide you in deepening the work.

intensive training course for Shamanic Yoga teachers

It will be a moment of complete immersion in the psychophysical and theoretical teaching practices of the most ancient shamanic and tantric yoga.

The intensive workshop will enhance your work as it will allow you to experience all the practices under the expert guidance of the best teachers of the Selene Calloni Williams Team.

In an intensive week you will be able to make a fascinating experience through a lot of shamanic and poetic practices.

By exploring your energy chakra points you can have the possibility to find the "lost pieces" of your soul.

The instruments that you’ll have will be your breathe with which you’ll go into an expanded state of consciousness, powerful secret mantras together with sensual tantric fluid yoga sequences, that awaken the wild animal within you.

Topics covered during the intensive, led by Selene Calloni Williams, Petulia Lera and Malcolm Bilotta (shamanic yoga teachers of The Selene Calloni Williams’s Academy).

- The body and the breath

fluid sequences (asanas, ie postures, which recall the movements of wild animals combined with breath control, mudra, psychic and band gestures, body contractions). We will see how shamanic yoga acts on the body and on the vital energy, exalting well-being and strength, and the insertion of "shamanic tools" into the body will be praticed.

- The shamanic trance

we will explore the astral journey and the expanded states of consciousness obtainable through the practices of shamanic yoga.

- Daily goals

you will learn to use shamanic yoga practices to achieve your daily goals and to live better.

- Rituals

The messengers of the cosmos, the guiding spirit, the animals of power, the shamanic journey and shamanic ritualism in erotic and shamanic poetry.


Selene Calloni Williams:

Petulia Lera counselor, therapist and yoga teacher!

A collaborator of Selene for several years and with her she trained as a constellator, custodian of the Mantra Madre and deepened the shamanic yoga of which she is a teacher at the school.

CO-FOUNDER together with her husband Malcolm of the CONSAPEVOLEMENTE, SAND Italy and IAR projects

Malcolm Bilotta psychologist, therapist and yoga teacher! A collaborator of Selene for several years and with her he trained as a constellator, custodian of the Mantra Madre and deepened the shamanic yoga of which he is a teacher at the school. CO-FOUNDER together with his wife Petulia of the CONSAPEVOLMENTE, SAND Italy and IAR projects

The value of soul-making - VIDEO COURSE - 8 episodes lasting 3-4 hours each

with Selene Calloni Williams: and  Michelangelo Chini

An advanced course, an adventure through our consciousness for a deep transformation of our selves, within the framework of alchemic psychology, with the aim of rediscovering, in our personal and professional lives, the key to the Soul as a tool of ultimate evolution.

We live in a time of great changes. Technology is transforming our lives very quickly, enormous possibilities open up for individuals and for the whole of humanity.

Scientific evidence provided by modern biology and physics proves the interrelation of all life forms and is increasingly confirming the concept of true planetary unity, the existence of an interdependent network of information that ties humans, society, the environment and the whole biosphere together.

We increasingly find ourselves facing the choice whether to work towards a world where cohesion and connection are the source of true progress, or instead, use this knowledge for destruction. Which path are we taking? This question is weighing on us, a definitive answer is becoming more an more urgent, whilst an optimistic vision about the future of our world seems less and less likely.

From the ecological point of view we know that global warming is putting our survival in danger.

According to the UN, more than a million species will disappear in the next few decades, and the responsibility lies in the way human beings have used and abused natural resources.

Humans are causing the extinction of other species at 1000 times the speed of natural selection.

Science warns us that the sixth mass extinction might be near. But this time it won’t be because of a meteorite or an ice age, but because of a single species – our species.

The ecological emergency isn’t, however, the only problem we face.

According to recent analysis, the great majority of people do not like their work and do not feel passionate about what they do.

Poverty is on the increase and a valid alternative to our economic model, based on the incessant increase of productivity, and thus the eternal kindling of new needs amongst the population, has not yet been found. Yet, the buying power of common people decreases. The result is widespread, deeply rooted frustration.

Educational systems are unable to properly prepare people to face change, whilst technology causes complex logical thinking to be ever more important. Priorities are not balanced: emotional, spiritual values are increasingly set aside, causing an epidemic of stress, anxiety, depression. Not to talk about the difficulty of finding peaceful stability at the geopolitical level, or about the crisis of values within traditional religious institutions.

We need to match technological progress with a new thinking model. To achieve this we must reintegrate into the overall picture the human dimension of myth, of symbols, we need to seriously analyse the archetypes that shape our vision of reality, our world, our behaviour. An archetype is the original form of an experience; it determines the experience’s profound meaning.

Professionals active in personal growth and support, psychotherapists, doctors, nurses, counsellors, coaches, social workers, teachers and yoga teachers have a pivotal role to play in the formation of new thinking methods able to intensify awareness and consciousness as the individual’s most powerful tools.

Not being content with what one has learned at school, broadening knowledge and skills to develop a personalised intervention system, and always acting creatively: this how one can really have a positive influence on one’s own destiny, on relationships and on the broader world.

Acquiring a new awareness of mind, heart and body is the one true vector of evolution, in the social as in the personal sphere.

The soul, as the organ of our imagination, needs to re-assert itself through this transformation of the conscience so that a re-imagined human being, a true ecology and a new beginning for society may come about.

Michelangelo Chini is a young linguist, classicist and anthropologist. Mastering seven modern and three ancient languages, Michelangelo has been particularly interested in the study of Russian culture and literature since age 14. Since the same age he has undertaken with Selene Calloni Williams numerous trips to Siberia, Central, and Southern Asia, working as interpreter in support of Selene’s research. He now is manager for Siberia and Central Asia for “Voyages Illumination”, a branch of the Swiss “Imaginal Academy” that organises study-expeditions in various parts of the world to promote knowledge of indigenous spiritual practices such as shamanism.

Michelangelo has studied Classics, with a special focus on pre-Socratic and Platonic philosophy, and Russian literature at the University of Cambridge, UK and at St Petersburg State University, Russia. He has furthermore worked as Human Rights attaché at the Embassy of Switzerland in Kazakhstan, where he also studied local shamanic and Sufi traditions. He is at Cambridge completing a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology, with particular interest in spirituality in the contemporary Buriat and Altaic societies of Southern Siberia.

Besides having a deep interest in all languages and cultures, modern and ancient, Michelangelo is an avid reader, enthusiastic traveller and devoted mountaineer, rower and mountain-biker.    


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