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A true "restart" of your brain that melts common and crystallized mental patterns to meke it more elastic, more ricettivie and more powerful.

Mindfulness is a term that defines the state of fullness achieved through meditation. That is a powerful tool for the development and realization of your human potential.

It is scientifically proven that meditation acts on your brain synapses and on the production of endorphins, sharpening intuition and raising happiness. And there is no doubt that when you feel good about yourself, you are doing wonderful things.

The Mindfulness teachers of the Academy are exceptional because they have a long experience of practice in the hermitages of the forest where the Theravada monks of the oldest, original tradition reside.

You will study the mental and cognitive processes that are at the base of the the imaginal and archetypal approach to counseling.

The approach of the Academy is rooted in the field of imaginalism according to Jungian and post-Jungian theories, with a special reference to James Hillman and the theory of “Soul Making”.

Imaginal Mindfulness: this is how it works - OnLine or In Classroom.

If you choose this path, in one year you will achieve the Imaginal Mindfulness Instructor Degree.

To obtain the Imaginal Mindfulness Instructor degree, with the final registration to the Aiscon list, it is necessary to complete the 150-hour course.

The school is cyclical and you can start at any time of the year and recover it in the next one. Additionally, you can participate in individual seminars in the classroom.

The School is open to anyone, whatever their religious confession, ethnicity or social beliefs, since for a long time meditation is recognized as a laic path. It belongs to anyone who wants to improve their life experience. The presence of meditation also in business courses for managers should not be surprising.

  • Imaginal Mindfulness School - study online or in the classroom.

    Choosing this path over nearly one year period you will obtain the certificate of Practicioner in "Imaginal Mindfulness".

    To obtain the diploma, with final entry onto the registered list of the Swiss Counselling Association (AISCON), it is necessary to complete the 150-hour course.

    The school runs on a cyclical basis, so you can start at any time of the year and catch up in the following course.

  • Thematic Learning Unit - OnLine or In Classroom
    • Mindfulness, archetypal psychology and imaginal model and vision. modello immaginale

    • Sitting meditation and the importance of immobility to reach asana samadhi

    • Anapanasati, breath contemplation

    • How to pay attention to your breath

    • Body contemplation

    • Contemplate and observe you body from within

    • Contemplation of emotions

    • Contemplation of mind and "mind objects"

    • Contemplation of the skeleton to meditate on impermanence and non attachment

    • Non-existence meditation

    •  Kasina Meditation; meditation on a specific object, e.g. colours, candle flame, death, ...

    • Chankamana, walking meditation

    • Dhammapada and knowledge of elements

    • Vipassana e Vidarshana

  • After the Degree
    • Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion from the Imaginal Academy in Switzerland
    • For Italy & Switzerland based participants, C.E. Credits & course certificate will be given to you at the completion of the course 
    • Participants  will automatically be enrolled in the Imaginal Vision Basic membership  to continue the discussion of consciousness, enlightenment, and for  special offers and events from Selene Calloni Williams

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Selene Calloni WIlliams
Selene Calloni WIlliams
Selene Calloni WIlliams