Imaginal Counselling

Imaginal Counselling: this is how it works.

If you choose this path, in only three years you will acquire all the skills and knowledge of imaginal counseling and you will obtain the Diploma of Imagination Counselor.

You can attend the Imaginal Counselling Academy both online and in the classroom, even though you will soon discover that it is not like a traditional class. 

Your training will require a total of 930 hours, including 600 hours of theoretical and experiential training, residential seminars, personal growth meetings, participation in conferences and events, internships, thesis and case supervision.

We have divided the three-year course into Four Training Paths: ESOTERICISM, MEDITATIO, PSYCOLOGIA, PHILOSOPHIA. When you read the Imaginal Academy International PDF you will understand why we called them that way. They are built so that you can delve into different technical disciplines and subjects of study.

At the end of each of the four training courses you will be awarded a Diploma that will certify your skills as a Professional Operator in that field.

To obtain the Diploma of Imagination Counselor you will have to do a thesis and pass the final exams, oral and written. There you go, you are an Imaginal Counselor, now! But it's just the beginning of your fantastic adventure.

  • After the diploma

    The School of imaginal counseling accompanies you giving you a significant legacy:

    • ECM Ministerial Credits

    • AISCON, CF, ECP Credits

    • AISCON Accredited Diploma (for Italy see Law 14 January 2013 n ° 4, Provisions on the subject of unorganized professions, published on the G.U. n ° 22 of 26 January 2013.)

    • SGFB Certification (Swiss Consulting Association) you can request it with economic benefits.

    • Certificazione di Counsellor, an important recognition recently established in Switzerland. For this you need: the SGFB Certification: Certification of professional practice required by the directives and the regulation of the federal higher professional examination CH.
  • Let's recap on the Imaginal Counseling School.
    • Duration 3 years

    • Both online and in the classroom

    • 930 hours of overall training

    • 4 training paths to be completed

    • A final thesis and exams, written and oral

    • Diploma of Imaginal Counselor

    • Post-diploma credits and certifications

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