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Shamanic Yoga is the Yoga of Power, the Yoga of Energy and Joy. It is  the most ancient and original Yoga, an extraordinary poetic, ecstatic,  creative and magical phenomenon.

Shamanic Yoga teachings can be  found in different religions and philosophies, dealing with Indian and  Himalayan traditions, as well as with  Western traditions, such as  Alchemy.

It is made of wonderful practices, a   imed at the awakening of the sleeping energy, the so-called kundalini, the inner potential lying within each man.

By  practicing Shamanic Yoga one can become a Psychopomp, able to remain  aware through death and life, able to see in death an life at the same  time. 

Shamanic Yoga trains the body and activates all the deepest  energies, such as Kundalini. It pacifies mind and thoughts, awakens all  mind resources and reaches the heart, that is longing for the creative  beauty of the original state of nature, the heart who is longing for a  new breathe.

The meaning of the word yoga is union, a state where  all conflicts have been overcome and anxiety and worry have gone.  Practicing yoga one can achieve wellness and the peace of mind.

The  word Shaman stands for a state of being one with the spirit of nature.  Shamans are poets melt with natural beauty. They constantly live in  creative ecstasy, enabling them to practice “soul making”.

Shamanism allows us to regain full balance with the Anima Mundi, or  world’s soul, with the eternal feminine, the invisible, the great lunar  universe, the underworld. A shaman is an underworld traveler. During  his shamanic journeys and tantric ecstasies, he travels in the world  of  dreams.

Shamanic yoga allows us to regain a sublime relationship  with sleep and dreams, resulting in a great energy available for our  life.  Through Shamanic Yoga we learn to meditate with the body, that is  different but not separated from the soul.

Shamanic Yoga as well  as Shamanism is a worldwide phenomenon. It can be found among South  American Shamans (Andean Yoga) and North American ones, among tantric  Buddhists of Himalayan regions (Himalayan Yoga), among Sufis of Islam  (Dervish Yoga), in India (tantric Yoga) and finally in the West  (Alchemic Yoga or Alchemy).

It is always a creative process, arising from listening to and being open to nature.

Every  shamanic yoga session is unique and different from the others arising  from the teacher’s inspiration. Shamanic yoga resembles therefore to the  yoga of the origins. It is the most ancient, complete, revolutionary  and satisfying experience of yoga.

As well as many other esoteric  paths, i.e. alchemy, tantrism, sufism, tantric shamanic yoga has its  roots in a time of origins, a time when  instinctual knowledge was alive  and available for life.

Shamanic yoga is always a “work in  progress”, being it hardly coded in a fix form, being it let to the  teacher’s inspiration. It is always alive and changing at the present  day too. The practice of this kind of Yoga particularly suits today  human beings, as told in the ancient Tantric Purana.

Shamanic Yoga  has been recently spread out in the West by Selene Calloni Williams, a  scholar, researcher, writer, author of documentary films regarding  anthropology and ancient nature traditions.

Selene has  spent and  is yet spending her life travelling all around the world, living in  touch with yogins, shamans, monks, hermits, Sufis, alchemists and other  great opinion leaders of philosophical and spiritual thought, such as  Michael Williams, Karan Singh, James Hillman, Raimon Panikkar and  Venerable Gatha Thera.

In 1992, being asked to do so by her  Master, Michael Williams, Selene founded the Shamanic Yoga Movement in.  The Movement trained several scholars that in turn created associations  and centers to practice Shamanic Yoga.

Her book “Initiation to  Shamanic Yoga” is a cult book of Shamanic yoga. In 1999, it was  published by Edizioni Mediterranee, Rome,  and later reprinted in  several editions, the last of which was revised and  extended.

Selene  Calloni Williams’s ability to embrace both Eastern and Western  teachings is rather important because it enables her to adapt Eastern  philosophy into suitable practices for Westerners who belong to a  Western-oriented imaginal tradition.

Selene Calloni Williams  through her courses trained hundreds of professionals all over the world  while her books contributed to open the mind of thousands of people..

Shamanic Yoga practices suit perfectly both psycotherapy and counseling helping to transform troubles into opportunities.

Here are the different Yoga techniques will be practicing during our Seminar:

1)    Soul Hunting

A  distinctive trait of shamanism is certainly the “loss of the soul”  vision. Shamans all over the world consider the soul and reality as a  complex image, as an hologram or a fractal in which the part is in the  whole and the whole is in the part.  Due to traumatic events a soul  fragment can be lost, that means the loss of the soul itself.

Many  people live constantly with this loss without even knowing it. They  live a tough and unsatisfying existence running the risk to get ill. The  trauma that caused the soul loss can be personal, transgenerational or  karmic. As far as a personal trauma is concerned, the traumatic event  took place in this life. As far as a transgenerational trauma is  concerned, the traumatic event took place in one of ancestors’ life. As  far as a karmic trauma is concerned, the traumatic event took place in  past lives.

Shamanic Yoga represents a reintegration process  through which you can retrieve your soul fragments lost by your  ancestors, by yourself  in this life or in your past lives.

2) Yoga of night and day

The  Yoga of night and day is a transvaluation training in which the meaning  of our experiences get completely overturned in order to allow us to  get rid of guilty feelings and uncertainties enabling us to embrace the  esthetic experience of beauty, that is a natural experience where no  good nor evil exist. It is practiced through breathing techniques,  psychic gestures, symbolic visualizations and sounds.

3) The Yoga of the Mystical marriage and of the withdrawal of projections

It represents the core path in which the wonderful healing and awakening practices of the MM tradition are contained.

The  ecstatic trance produced by the drum and the shamanic song leads to the  extracorporeal journey, a peculiar and extremely important trait of  shamanic yoga practices.

5) Fluid sequences and the journey through the chakras

Postures, kriya, mudra and pranayama to open the chakra and kundalini awakening.

The  so-called “fluid sequences” are “asana” or “postures” combined to  pranayama or to the practices of vital energy (prana) awakening through  the use of breathing techniques and mudras, psychic gestures. Fluid  sequences took their inspiration from animal movements, i.e. condor or  cougar sequences. They help us meditating with the body going beyond the  sphere of matter and  pre-established behavioral patterns. Thanks to  body meditation, progress is much faster and safer than in any other  yoga tradition.

6) Ancient lineage tantric shamanic practices such  as the yoga of psychic heat, the yoga of night and day, the  non-existence yoga, the yoga of emptiness. These practices lead us to a  fulfilled life both at spiritual and material level. There is something  dormant inside us: the ability of being happy. controlling events  instead of being their victims. It is the ability to love and to  recognize unconditional love. The overwhelming power of metropolitan  life forces us to awaken and enhance this ability that is an integral  part of shamanic yoga.

During our workshops we will practice some  of these rituals focusing especially on those belonging to the MM  tradition. As far as this tradition is concerned, I remind you that the  book Mother Mantra by Selene Calloni Williams is now available in  English and you can find it here:

  • How it worls - OnLine or In Classroom

    If you choose this path, in one yeat you will achieve the  Shamanic and Integral Yoga Instructor Degree. 

    To obtain the Shamanic and Integral Yoga Instructor Degree, with the final registration to the Aiscon list, it is necessary to complete the 150-hour course.

    The school is cyclical and you can start at any time of the year and continue into the following year. Additionally, you can participate in individual seminars in the classroom.

    The School is open to anyone, whatever their religious belief, ethnicity or social background. 

  • Let's recap School of Shamanic and Integral Yoga- OnLine or In Classroom.

    150 hours of overall training divided into:

    • 4  week-end seminars in classroom (15 hours per seminar)

    • A  3 day residential seminar (10 hours per day)

    • 6 video courses (10 hours per course) 
  • After the Degree
    • Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate of completion from the Imaginal Academy in Switzerland
    • For  Italy & Switerland based participants, C.E. Credits & course  certificate will be given to you at the completion of the course 
    • Participants    will automatically be enrolled in the Imaginal Vision Basic  membership   to continue the discussion of consciousness, enlightenment,  and for   special offers and events from Selene Calloni Williams


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