Esotericism - Shamanic and Integral Yoga School

If you wish to plunge into the deep river of Shamanic Yoga, this is the path for you. Esotericism is about the core of esoteric teaching in the imaginal method.

Shamanic Yoga speaks through marvellous practices, using an alchemic language, about waking up the energy asleep in every human being: Kundalini.

It speaks through the traits of a psychopomp: the ability to see simultaneously into death and into life. In about 6 to 9 months you will earn your degree as an instructor of Shamanic and Integral Yoga.

  • This is how it works - OnLine or In Classroom

    If you choose this path, by the end of the 9 months  course, you will achieve the  Shamanic and Integral Yoga Instructor Degree. 

    To obtain the Shamanic and Integral Yoga Instructor Degree, with the final registration to the Aiscon list, it is necessary to complete the 150-hour course.

    The school is cyclical and you can start at any time of the year and recover it in the next one. Additionally, you can participate in individual seminars in the classroom.

    The School is open to anyone, whatever their religious confession, ethnicity or social beliefs, since for a long time meditation is recognized as a laic path. It belongs to anyone who wants to improve their life experience. The presence of meditation also in business courses for managers should not be surprising. 

    Over a period of 9 months you will be an instructor of Imaginal Mindfulness., Graduated.  

  • After the Degree

    The School of Shamanic and Integral Yoga offers you many opportunities.

    • Registration to AISCON. Italian-Swiss Counseling Association and operate as a Shamanic Yoga Instructor.

    • ECM Ministerial Credits.

    • AISCON Credits, ECP.
  • Let's recap School of Shamanic and Integral Yoga- OnLine or In Classroom.

    Duration 9 months

    150 hours of overall training divided into:

    • 4 seminarsweek end in classroom (15 hours per seminar)

    • A rewsidential seminarof 3 days (10 hours per day)

    • 6 video courses (10 hours per course) 
  • Thematic Learning Unit
    • What is an imaginal regression
    • How the imaginal regression can "heal" the present
    • Beliefs about reincarnation
    • The Ongon, the guide during the shamanistic regression
    • The trance achieved with progressive relaxation; the evocative keywords
    • Use of the pendulum
    • The shamanic transit life / death / life
    • Stopping the winds of Karma
    • The mirror technique
    • How to understand and decipher the authenticity of a regression experience
    • Future lives: how to access them and how to rework and integrate samskaras, impressions and future lives.
    • Visionary mandala of regression and progression with samskara of mnestic concretions (favorite childhood games, attitudes and talents, places of the world, suggestive historical periods, signs on the body, irrational fears, etc.)

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