The Keeper of the MM is the hero of awakening and as such does not perceive reality in the "ordinary" way, that is in the way in which the uninitiated perceives it.

He lives "the island of the blessed", in which time, Crono, is free from the prison of linearity and sequentiality and therefore the Keeper has a different, free, perception of space-time.

He is able to entertain a creative relationship with objects, places, people, images, with everything, because he knows that everything is related to the invisible, with his spouse, with his bride, celestial / subterranean.

The custodian must be free from the illusion of birth and dying and from the image of mother and father that instead of psychoanalysis we dissolve. 

List of Custodians of the Mother Mantra. Heroes of Awakening!

The following list is intended to certify that the people present in it are Custodians of the Mother Mantra. The names of those who gave explicit consent to the publication are published.

The names are listed in alphabetical order by surname.


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