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Selene riceve l'Investitura da Nadya, Sciamana Buriata

Selene CW is designated by Nadia, a buryats shaman to represent the Shaman Union in Europe

The Shaman Union is a non-governmental association of Turkish-Mongolian shamans from Siberia and Mongolia. Years ago I was designed by Nadia, a buryats shaman to represent the Shaman Union in Europe. I am European and I descend from a shaman. My grandmother was a witch, or rather she was “the witch" of the town, "she had the sign" those who knew her said, with a little envy and a lot of fear. Shamanism is a hereditary fact, you have it in your blood. The shaman is a mystic who cannot be civilized, he always remains a rebel and a poet.

Shamans, no matter what ethnicity, culture or tradition they belong to, always recognize each other. So they indicated me as their representative in the world of ghosts, they did it in perfect shamanic style - with a poem - in fact the poet and the shaman are two faces of the same reality.

If it does not break the dark it is not a lightning

If it doesn't rumble it is not a thunder

If he can be domesticated he is not a lion

If it can be dammed it is not the ocean

If it can be moved it is not a mountain

If it can be explained it is not real

If it can be separated from the rest it is not real

If it is subject to time it is not real.

When, like an eagle, you fly in the world of ghosts,

may the hunters' network not be your enemy.

When, like a wolf, you proceed solemnly in the world of ghosts,

may the hunters’ trap not be your enemy,

When, like a god, you love,

may the deception of ghosts dissolve in front of your eyes of wonder!

The world of ghosts and the Leap 

The world of ghosts is dominated by profit and politics, it is a finance instrument. For the state the individual has no value as a citizen, but as a consumer. Technical and scientific knowledge represent the only acceptable paradigm: what is achieved by science can be reproduced on an industrial scale, can produce marketable products and, as a result, profit. In this context, the mystic and the poet must be rendered harmless through very evident processes:

The poet is not the visionary who inspires politics, but it must stay in school anthologies.

Shamans, if they are not already in the reserves, are ghettoized in the world of oddities. They even invented labels to disarm revolutionary mystics and shamans, one of these is the "new age", a brand which classifies any pure, mystical, dangerous phenomenon for the system and throw it in the trash.

Mystics have been confined to the realm of religions and associated with ideals of poverty and asceticism.

The desacralized therapies propagated to the end, are considered the only way to deal with anxiety, troubles and problems.

We are also studying ways to keep nature artificially alive - nature which refuses to join the dominant system and prefers to die.

Consensus engineering ensures almost total manipulation of the masses through the induction of needs (just like Edward Bernays taught).

It is imperative that the mystics come out of the ghettos, refuse the mark of disinterest in money and politics and begin to operate in this world to retake the power of money and return it to nature.

Prosperity in this world belongs to nature, it comes from it and must be returned to it.

If you have a mystical nature, a poetic nature, a witch in your blood and you feel your ideal pulsing in your heart, then the Shamanic Yoga Leap is for you.

Leap is a jump, in this case a continuous evolutionary jump, from homo consumes to homo imaginalis, from an individual full of needs and always unsatisfied to a clear and complete being.

Being alive is not a consequence of being born, you can be alive at different degrees of intensity that are expressed between two extremes that we call being zombies and being shamans.

The zombie is a homo consumens, the victim who always needs someone or something.

The shaman is the one who sees the world as the scenario of a great rite which he is called to celebrate and to live in the fullness of every moment.

The path of shamanic yoga is the realization of the condition of mystical marriage in which enormous riches are bestowed even before any form of need can arise and life is a continuous expression of abundance and love.

We have not been put into the world as mutilated poor individuals forced to always look for something missing, but as complete beings. We are the priests of nature, our task is to sacralize matter through the rite, not to consume it, dirty it or corrupt it, but to elevate it. We have no need to eat, but we must celebrate every day the ritual through which the visible becomes invisible to create beyond itself, so every day we ferry lives (carrot, radish, apple ...) from one part of the great Threshold to the other. We are complete beings at the service of the soul, not hungry poor people at the service of the food industry. If we lose the meaning of our function we get sick.

We have no need to protect ourselves from the cold or heat, but we are here to celebrate the force of nature and its spirits by means of the sacred rite, in which we can evoke the heat or the cold, we have this power, which is not the faculty of warming ourselves or becoming cool, but much more: it is the power to evoke spirits, gods and we must do it with the full sense of sacredness that brings life to be a wonderful celebration full of joy, fullness, vitality.

It is in the interest of the consumer economy to intensify the differentiation between male and female genders in order to make individuals feel more separate and needy. If you are complete you have no needs. The need only grows in the feeling of separation.

Today the feeling of loneliness and separation is very strong: women who seek "the right relationship" and men who seek "other relationships", all signed, like an indelible brand: the tribe of needy consumers, who, in order to fill their chronic void,  buy anything from psychoanalysis to chocolate, from the sports car to silicone boobs.

The drama is that, in an ordinary state of consciousness, the two sexes appear distinct and separate, while nature wanted them distinct, but not separate. To rediscover the natural condition of androgyny, which elevates, it is essential to activate an absolutely forgotten power in the consumer society: lovefaith or faithlove. Faith and love are two aspects of the same energy, the great, powerful, impeccable and infallible force of freedom.

Those who are blessed by this superpower can understand that masculinity in nature is only the way in which love for the female is expressed and being female in nature is only the way in which the love for the male is expressed and that indeed, male and female do not exist as an individual, separate reality.

Unconditional, free and true love, is such a power able to create an inseparable union for lovers. Therefore the male and female in nature are distinct but not separate.

Of course, it is necessary to observe everything from a natural perspective, which is beyond the sense of the ego. We must start from love, not from the ego. If your perceptive process starts from the ego (as the big conditioning process, that most people call education, taught to you) you are first of all a boy or a girl and you need to find the other half. If instead you start from love (like a shaman) then you see your masculinity as an instrument of love for the female or your femininity as an instrument of love for the male, but there is never a moment, not even a single instant, in which you feel male or female, separated from your half.

True love is always beyond the ego and the “you”, it is the sacred relationship of female and male. In this sacred dimension there’s not separation, because every gesture, every breath, every moment of life is sacred. When the exhalation (to penetrate) turns into inhalation (to absorb) it is the masculine that gives itself to the feminine, even when the heartbeat alternates with the pause of silence it is the masculine (the sound) that gives itself to the feminine (the silence), while when you wake up in the morning it is the feminine (the night) that gives itself to the masculine (the day) . The examples could be infinite, every gesture, every moment, in fact, contains the interpenetration of male and female.

How you must and can live, as a separate or needy creature, as a homo consumens, or as a shaman, it depends entirely on you, it is a choice. Living a life as a victim or a life of wonder and love is something that only you can choose.

What shamanic yoga can do is a gesture that only a mystical and sacred path can accomplish, a revolutionary action that no process of desacralized education or desacralized therapy will ever take place: give you the right awareness to make this choice.

SHAMANIC YOGA LEAP, create the future you choose!

How does it work?

The Shamanic Yoga Leap is completely free:

Sign up for free membership

Send us an email ( and tell us that you signed up and you want to join the Shamanic Yoga Leap

In a time that can vary from one hour to a week (it will depend on the astrological calendar) you will receive the first instructions to complete the Shamanic Yoga Leap

These instructions are daily rituals that will prepare you for the Leap, the Jump

A tisane in the evening

A glass of water to drink in the morning

Specific clothes to wear

Repeating a Mantra

Fluid sequences of Shamanic Yoga

A natural perfume to be sprayed in the air

An OMI practice, one minute immersion, very important, very simple, very effective to perform every day

A self-massage once a day

The Shamanic Yoga Leap takes place in a virtual place called Imaginal, you will receive the invitation with an email. By clicking on the link you can enter our Imaginal place where we will perform together:

a disconnection

a connection

an update

These are three movements of consciousness that will allow your awareness to make an evolutionary leap, this will bring positive and significant changes in your life.


There will be one leap per month, in accordance with the astrological calendar. The changes that these leaps produce are tangible, evident, they are able to produce a marvelous path of evolution and transformation. We welcome you with much respect and affection.

Together we can make great positive transformations in our lives (money, sentimental relationships, the relationship with food, body, sleep, emotions)

Our motto is: That everything in you is joy, this is your goal!

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Selene Calloni WIlliams
Selene Calloni WIlliams
Selene Calloni WIlliams