Amo ergo sum

Amo ergo sum

SCW presents the book “At the Last Checkmate” by Michaela Belisario

Selene Calloni Williams presents “At the Last Checkmate,” the book written by journalist Michaela Bellisario.

The live event, broadcasted on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, is available for viewing on SCW’s social channels. “It makes you wonder, on every page, what will happen next,” Selene said during the social media discussion. “The pace of the book really struck me,” she continued. “You want to know what comes after. What I also liked is your attribution of the most human emotions to the characters, because ultimately they are more than human. In the surrealism of the arguments between the protagonists, I see a lot of realism. Someone like me who has been in Buddhist circles can confirm that what you write in your book is true. Not only among laypeople, like your characters, but even among monks.”


There’s Stella, a fan of British royals and a member of a lively meditation group. Her neighbor Filippo, a food buyer obsessed with a cocktail of his own invention, the Sandra Milo Ti Amo. And Piero and Regina, an elderly couple living downstairs enjoying gourmet dinners and playing cards.

When the building manager claims Regina’s apartment, Piero is spurred to action, and the two decide to seize it.

Morgan K Barraco

Morgan K Barraco


Attivista spirituale, fonda l’Associazione di Nonterapia e Imaginal Academy. Un approccio innovativo che regala una rivoluzione del metodo di pensiero.

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