Amo ergo sum

Amo ergo sum

SCW at the YogaFestival in Milan with Japanese Yoga

Selene Calloni Williams will be a guest at the new edition of the Yoga Festival 2023, on November 12th. On this occasion, from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM, SCW will lead the practices of Japanese Yoga, the core of one of the new Schools of the Imaginal Academy. As MarieClaire highlights in its announcement, the event will take place at the Superstudio MAX in via Moncucco.

Japanese yoga (Shinshin toitsu hō) is the path of unification between body and mind.

Considered the initiator of the discipline, Nakamura Tempū (1876 – 1968) learned yoga during a long stay in the Himalayas with the master Kaliapa, and then developed the practices considering modern Western life, where daily challenges are many, and individuals need to develop practical methods for health, well-being, but also to achieve their small and big goals.

The basic principles for unifying mind and body indicated by Master Nakamura are:

Know the nature of positivity and focus your mind (use the mind with full concentration, focus on things you know, focus on things you want to do quickly, focus on things you find uninteresting, focus on things you believe have no value).
Examine the Self, know the unconscious (examine your attitude towards others, discover the present, and let go of worry about the future or the past, experience the universal mind).
Analyze the suggestions received from your environment while maintaining a balanced condition in the nervous system to harmonize body and nature (use the body naturally).
Train regularly, consistently in the absence of effort.
Japanese yoga adopts teachings derived from martial arts, from the way of the warrior (bushido), offering creative solutions to the inherent aspiration to emerge in the soul.

The Japanese discipline also considers the power of relaxation, the transformation of anxiety into positive energy, and the improvement of sleep quality (inemuri) as important paths to follow in everyday life. Hence the rituals to overcome unconscious fear and hypnosis self-suggestion techniques.

The strong connection of Japanese yoga with Shingon Buddhism makes this discipline a powerful tool to intensify awareness and creativity, thanks to the meditations of form and the influence of tantric rituals of esoteric Buddhism.

In the practice session that we will do together at the Yoga Festival, we will experience the most unique rituals of Japanese yoga and open a broad view as possible on this useful and fascinating discipline.

Morgan K Barraco

Morgan K Barraco


Attivista spirituale, fonda l’Associazione di Nonterapia e Imaginal Academy. Un approccio innovativo che regala una rivoluzione del metodo di pensiero.

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