Mother Mantra Meditation

CJ Liu interviews Selene Calloni Williams on her book “The Mother Mantra: The Ancient Shamanic Yoga of Non-Duality.” Selene talks briefly about Mother Mantra. Listeners get a special treat during the video where Selene offers two meditations. The first is a visualization which helps when you want to change the relationship you have. This could be with a loved one, friend, or anyone. The meditation focuses on the strongest emotion you may have. Through a mantra it helps you reach a place of forgiveness and peacefulness.

In the second meditation (Mystical Marriage Mantra), Selene offers a meditation and mantra you can use when you want to change the way you view an event. Envisioning that you are present to the event as if you are co-creating the event from a place of love can have results. From an amplified sense of love, the meditator can change the way they experience the event.

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Morgan K Barraco

Morgan K Barraco


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