Amo ergo sum

Amo ergo sum

Discovering the soul in shamanic journeys | IoDonna

Selene Calloni Williams reignites the engines of Voyagesillumination and world travel. The founder of Shamanic Yoga will focus in 2023 on foreign and local destinations, from Montegrotto Terme to Tibet to Mongolia and via Japan and Mongolia. Not to mention Los Angeles, the timeless city where Imaginal Academy’s new headquarters was born. “Travel represents the opportunity to get out of habits, and out of the daily rhythms.It is the time to meditate, imagine, dream,” she tells IoDonna, “Getting to know different stories and lives, different values, savoring the taste without choosing anything, without judging. It is the first step toward the only value of authentic adventures: freedom. With the ability, perhaps, to see with new eyes even the world from which one started.”

The Nontherapy Association’s new center will experience the transition between the old and the new year. Pacific Retreat will welcome a group of imaginalists, ready to dive into the depths of themselves.

“Like the ancient travelers who left port accepting the whims of the wind and raising their sails to the unknown, poised between curiosity and awe. We make journeys of study and research with respect for nature and the cultures we visit. Books and documentaries are born from these trips.”

Love for the earth, enthusiasm, sensitivity, respect, intelligence: these are the requirements for all those who want to participate in SCW’s trips.

Excerpt from the article published by IoDonna on December 22, 2022.

Morgan K Barraco

Morgan K Barraco


Attivista spirituale, fonda l’Associazione di Nonterapia e Imaginal Academy. Un approccio innovativo che regala una rivoluzione del metodo di pensiero.

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