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Have you ever heard of the “Daimon“? I found out thanks to Selene Calloni Williams, psychologist, life coach, and an esoteric and shamanic yoga expert, who has dedicated a book to this theme. After “Wabi Sabi” and “Imaginal Warriors“, the author returns to the bookstore with “Daimon“, a volume published by Piemme, which aims to guide the reader towards the “true good”, happiness. ” The Daimon is our guiding spirit and our destiny, which we must strive for. Learning to listen and being in contact with our Daimon’s voice helps us reach what Socrates and Plato called eudaimonia, or the achievement of happiness through the fulfilment of one’s destiny. What makes us happy is the fulfilment of the mission of the soul! “SCW explains.

How to connect with the Daimon

“To find our Daimon, we have to silence the mind. The mind is noisy and prevents us from hearing the voice of the Daimon, who speaks to us through images and not with words (as the mind does). Thought, before being dialogue, is an image. If you can have faith in the image and take a break before the mind catches us with its words, the connection with the Daimon becomes deeper and can guide us. For some people, the image is so fleeting and impalpable that they cannot grasp it. Buddhists define the buzz of the mind veil of Maya. The veil of Maya is the veil of illusion, which is superimposed on the image, deforms it and leads us to do what the mind wants, but which is not our destiny. The greatest power with which to hear the Daimon is their wedding ring. Faith allows us to have courage, to be calm, and to live without anxiety, a feeling that throws us into the wave of the mind and thoughts. If you have faith in life, you will learn to live with slowness to ponder, weigh, grasp, contemplate the image “.

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