Mother Mantra

What is the Mother Mantra?

That of the MM is also called tradition of the reintegration of the real or of the retirement of the projections. In other words, to “Soul Making".

With this expression we mean the ability, which you will develop, to recognize that the events that happen to you are dreams, projections, animic images, instinctual: you project what you have inside and the images you live 

To reintegrate the real means to take every person, thing, place and event with which you have ever come into contact and bring it back to its real nature, which is image, dream, apparition. This means discovering yourself as a  dreamer’s dream and stop being  a victim of the events.

What is the purpose of the Mother Mantra?

The purposes of the Mother Mantra are many, reabsorb the reality and retirement the projections, restore the pact between man and nature, celebrate the mystical marriage with one's spouse, one's subterranean / celestial bride, that is, reunite all opposites, dissolve the unconscious program that prevents a full and fulfilling life.

In the tradition of the Mother Mother everything is done almost automatically.

In the tradition of the Mother Mantra are known, in addition to the Mother Mantra properly said (MM), other mantras, such as the so-called Egyptian Mantra (EM) that concern specific aspects of eudaimonia. The Egyptian Mantra, for example, concerns the transmutation of the relationship with money, abundance and fertility

The MM tradition is tied to the recitation of the three variants  of the MM, which are basically the three Mantra for reabsorption, and to  their application in spiritual healing rituals and in several very  effective spiritual exercises which open the body, mind and heart to the  revelation and to an inspired life. The first of these three Mantras is  the properly said Mother Mantra (MM) which is not revealed here. The  second is the Egyptian Mantra, often referred to as EM, of which we have  spoken. The third is the Mystical Marriage Mantra – MMM for short.

The MMM develops an intimate, erotic-creative union with the  Underworld bride/bridegroom, which confers inspiration and pleasure.  This second, powerful Mantra of the MM tradition has two variants  depending on whether the practitioner more by the visualisation of a  male or female partner. Erotic energy is indeed considered a fundamental  power, inasmuch as it is true knowledge, which is reached through  inspiration and revelation. Samayà is the Nomen Arcanum of the bride,  imagined in female disguise. Samàs is the Nomen Arcanum of the  bridegroom, imagined in male disguise. The MMM, which I am about to  reveal with the consent of the masters and the masters’ inspired  masters, is: AYÀ SAMAYÀ, for those whose visionary power imagines a  female bride. AYA SAMAS: for those whose visionary power imagines a male  bridegroom.

The initiations of the Mother Mantra:

  • The First Initiation called the Lightning. Two days.
  • The Second Initiation called the Diamond. Two days.
  • The Third Initiation called of the Custodians. Four days in Edinburgh, in the classroom.


In the MM tradition, the “Oracles” are extraordinary meditations  which the Guardians know, practise, and teach. I would like to end this  book about the MM with a description of one of the oracles I love most.  The practice of this meditation could be defined , in pure shamanic  style, as a ritual for hunting the soul. In deep psychology it would be  described as a reintegration practice. It doesn’t matter which  terminology you prefer to use because the MM is a universal tradition  and in the end what really matters and makes the difference is that it  is actually practiced. The difference between someone who repeats the  Mantra several times during their day and someone who does not is  immediately evident. You can tell by their eyes, their skin, their  smell. Michael often told me that the MM Carriers emitted an  incense-like fragrance. For many years I believed his words were  symbolic, now I know that he meant it literally.

Selene Calloni WIlliams

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Selene Calloni WIlliams
Selene Calloni WIlliams
Selene Calloni WIlliams