Amo ergo sum

Amo ergo sum

Private Sessions with Selene Calloni Williams

250,00 cad.

NoteThe private sessions bought here are addressed to English-speaking users only.

Italian users should email their request for a private session to or call our phone contacts.

Selene Calloni Williams – a contemporary mystic who, through her  books, videos and seminaries, has taught how to imagine and create a new  reality to an incredible number of people. Her book “Mother Mantra, the  ancient shamanic yoga of non-duality“, published in several languages,  is a key to making great positive changes in life. It is an initiate’s  guide to the ancient healing practices, spiritual exercises, and secret  rites of the Mother Mantra tradition. A powerful tool for overcoming  subconscious programming, releasing your fears, and spiritually fusing  with divine joy. Selene Calloni Williams (bio) is a psychologist, writer,  documentarian and anthropologist.

Each session last from  1 hour to 1 hour and half. Appointments are done via Skype.

Please email us at to book a private session with Selene CW and then you can buy the session through our shopping-cart.


“You  can spend your life reliving the same challenges, or you can take  control of your experience and reshape your future.  My sessions with  Selene have brought me to a place that I never knew that I could reach  spiritually!  With her deep connection to Spirit, her highly gifted  insights and in-depth, masterful knowledge of shamanic yoga, Selene has  cleared a path that has allowed me to walk a more peaceful and fulfilled  life. I highly recommend her!” – Marianne Pestana, Former Producer at  PBS, Show Host of Moments with Marianne on iHeartRadio