Native Americans sacred traditions. Sand US, and Shinrin-Yoku with SCW

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Sacred traditions of the American Indians, attendace at Sand Festival US19 and Shinrin-Yoku with SC

Selene Calloni Williams, the American Indians, the breathtaking beauty of natural parks, the spirituality of the most powerful vortexes in the world and ... more than that it just couldn't be done, we are excited about this itinerary that we have created with a lot of passion and a lot of experience.

The itinerant seminar proposal that you read below is really a unique opportunity, a precious opportunity that we have created with a careful work of relationships and experiences.

In addition, we added an extension to Seattle for those who wishing to continue the adventure with Selene.

We have obtained for you the opportunity to attend the conferences at the Sand Festival, which is the best event of its kind in the United States, an exclusive package with simultaneous translation, then we have added a breathtaking journey, a unique opportunity to experience the mystical America and the traditions of the natives, plus an horse ride excursion with the Indians in the Monument Valley park, the visit to the Grand Canyon and the fantastic Sedona’s Vortex (to experience at least once in a lifetime!) .

Beyond all this, two "full immersion" seminars with Selene Calloni Williams and the highly probable presence of Malcolm Bilotta and Petulia Lera, the two teachers of Imaginal Academy's Shamanic School of Yoga.

The two seminars will take place in San Jose and in the Martian landscape of Sedona (it really is such a special place that you seem to be on another planet), The dirst at the beginning and the second at the end of the journey, and will be an exceptional experience. They will be focus on: Shinrin-Yoku, the art of nature bathing and on Shamanic Yoga and the Mother Mantra.

These seminars are such as to exhaust 80% of the credits of the Forest Therapy Guide school and 40% of the credits of the Shamanic Yoga school.



23/27 October: 4 nights in San Jose ' in one-room apartment with 2 beds and breakfast included. Free participation in ALL Sand conferences (you can see the program here: https: //

If you have difficulty with English, you can have simultaneous translation in all events.

Free participation in the Selene workshop.

27/28 October: 1 night at the Grand Canyon c / o Yavapai Lodge (inside the park, a unique opportunity to sleep inside the park, which is not easy!) In double rooms with 2 beds in one overnight stay. A unique opportunity to stay inside one of the most beautiful parks in the world, in contact with the indigenous Hopi population. Night meditation by the Canyon.

28/29 October: 1 night at Monument Valley c / o Goulding's Lodge (inside the park, a unique opportunity to sleep inside the park, which is not easy!) In double rooms with 2 beds in on overnight stay. Extraordinary event: visit with horse ride in the park of the "phantom stones" in the first light of dawn on Mustang horses driven by Navajo Indians (it is not necessary to be able to ride already).

29/01 October: 3 nights in Sedona c / o Arabella hotel in double rooms with 2 beds with breakfast included. It is here in Sedona that we will have experiences with local shamans and medicine men, as well as visit the incredible wonderful "strangeness" of Sedona, such as the Vortex and of course the seminar with Selene Calloni Williams.

Native Americans have always considered it a sacred place, defining it as the place where "the Earth speaks".

The energy that rises from the center of the Earth or descends towards it is called Vortex, Vortex or Spiral, throughout the Sedona area there are focal points of this energy. In reality, it seems that Sedona is a single, great vortex of energy that is always in motion, a unique energy place in the world. Entering Sedona is like making 




an astral travel in an "other" dimension, where the spirit is the protagonist, and the natives knew it well.

To prove the effective action of the Sedona Vortex, just try it on yourself: even if the effect is not the same for everyone, it is undeniable and consists of a body-mind-soul balance.

Sedona’s Vortexes are perceptible on a supramental level that does not belong to the ordinary dimension, but which is connected to it.

Sedona is a truly unique place in the world, this is due to its location in the natural environment. The Oak Creek has carved a canyon and the resulting road is one of the most beautiful scenic routes of the entire West Coast. Sedona is an enchanted city, like the fairytale castle, surrounded by monoliths, rocky palaces and other surreal forms of red stone.

What makes Sedona an exceptional spiritual area are the so-called energy vortices, which are among the most powerful of the entire planet. In such a spiritual place you cannot miss a cathedral dedicated to Mother Nature: the magnificent body of Cathedral Rock will impress you with power and beauty.

Even the Bell Rock, a cyclopic red monolith far more compact than the Cathedral, is worth seeing. Through another panoramic route of enormous beauty, we will be able to reach Airport Mesa, a hill that offers a beautiful overview of the rocky outcrops of the area.

Northwest of Sedona, on the other hand, is the Boynton Canyon Trail. We can reach it by car, along the incredible Enchantment Resort that enters the valley, offering exceptional color contrasts between bright red and bright green trees.

The city center of Sedona is very pretty, with its restaurants, art galleries and eclectic clubs near the riverfront, we will not fail to visit that place, more unique than rare, which is the Chapel of the Holy Cross, set in the red rock panorama, to dominate the whole city:

this chapel, according to the intentions of its builder, was conceived as a universal reference point for all religions and beliefs.

The view of Sonora from the hill where the chapel is located is wonderful!

Then, Sedona has a rock bridge, which is called Devil's Bridge, which is also a must see.

Leaving Sedona, we can also decide to reach Red Rock State Park and the Crescent Moon Picnic Site, a pretty green area on the river, very well known and photographed, where we can do Shinrin-Yoku. If we have some  free time we can also get to the Montezuma Castle National Monument, another National Park. This archaeological site is located just 40 minutes from Sedona and is suitable for those interested in seeing an ancient, ancestral Native American village carved out of a white rock wall.

November 1 - return flight.

SEATTLE Extension:

November 01: Departure to Seattle

02/03 November: Arrival in Seattle, transfer to the hotel located in the Shoreline area.  Seminar with Selene Calloni Williams on: Archetypal psychology and imaginal vision.

Knowing how to create a soul is fundamental for those who have a leading role in our age.

We live in an age of great change. Technologies are transforming our lives very quickly, enormous possibilities open up for the individual and for humanity, we can create a true planetary unity and an increasingly widespread state of information and abundance in a connected and cohesive world in the intent of real progress, we can move towards conquests unimaginable only a few decades ago…. or we can use the knowledge we are awakening to destroy everything. Which road did we take? Today this question becomes urgent. The world seems far away from consider this vision, even in barely optimistic way.

The individual needs tools that the normal educational pathways fail to provide him with, tools that help him ride the wave of change, instead of being overwhelmed.

We need to accompany technological progress with a new way of thinking. For this purpose we must become aware of myths, symbols, archetypes that shape our reality’s map, our world and our behavior. An archetype is the original form of an experience and determines the profound meaning of that experience.

This seminar is for those who want to work in the depths of themselves to transform and evolve the structures of their own attitude and become co-creators of their own destiny. Each event presupposes an image capable of bringing it into being. The images are evoked in that great middle ground, in that magical world that in depth psychology is seen as imaginal. The imaginal is the threshold between the conscious and the unconscious, between visible and invisible.

The fact is that images are not our product, a secret of our brain. When we evoke an image, we call a presence from an invisible world, a world of ideas and meanings. From which world we evoke our images makes all the difference. We can, in fact, receive ideas and meanings from the natural world, which is a spiritual world, or we can receive ideas and meanings from worldliness.

Nature or civilization: where do your ideas and the meanings with which you define your reality come from?

Civilization, as the poet Ungaretti said in an interview with Pasolini ( is "an act of arrogance towards nature", "an act against nature".

Being able to see clear, lucid, knowing where the ideas and meanings that drive us to act and determine our reality come from is fundamental, it allows you to realize that undesirable events always originate from artificial ideas and meanings, products from the social world.

If you know where it comes from and how the problem arises, obviously you can remedy it.

This is exactly what this seminar will teach us to do with a simple and effective method, which SCW has tested over more than thirty years of practice in the field of education.

There are three fundamental moments of this method:

• disconnection

• connection

• discounting

It is necessary to disconnect from social induced ideas and meanings, which aim to instill illusory needs in man and make him homo-consumens.

So spontaneously our psyche will be connected to natural ideas and meanings, awakening, actualizing gifts, abilities that were previously dormant

awakening, actualizing gifts, abilities that were previously dormant.

In this way, professionals of the relationship help, support and educators: psychotherapists, doctors, nurses, counselors, coaches, social workers, teachers and trainers can play a decisive role in helping the formation of a new way of thinking capable of intensifying awareness.

The latter is the most important tool of inner strengthening and also of successful experiences in all fields of life.

Do not stopping at the methods learned in the academic courses, expanding the knowledge and skills to develop one's own intervention system and always acting in creative ways, is the winning path for anyone today who wants to have a positive impact on their personal destiny, in the events of the world and also in social events.

Awareness is the true strength of social and personal change.

The soul, understood as a place of imagination, needs to re-emerge strongly in the awareness that it is possible to lay the foundations for a personal rebirth and a social renaissance.

04 November: City Tuor

05 November: Transfer to Seattle airport and departure for Italy




  • To Know to Travel with us

    We organize study and research Journeys respecting nature and the cultures we visit. Books and documentaries are born from these trips. We take a lot of time to prepare these trips and still at the last moment before leaving, we reserve the possibility to change the program in line with the movements of the shamans or the characters that it is our interest to meet. Since our itineraries are not touristic, sometimes it is not possible to find accommodation of a high standard but it is necessary to adapt to sleeping in a tent, for example.

    The preparation of a journey often requires years of work and we work with a lot of passion. Coming back from our journeys you will extremely enriched and with great inspirations in your heart, with new energies to do, to think, to create. Our travels have given a lot to many people. Sometimes you have to walk, sometimes sleep in a tent, sometimes travel the night because the ritual ceremony that awaits us at dawn is unmissable. But always what you receive in return exceeds a thousand times the effort that required.

    Inner attitude

    Who wants to come with us should accept all the peculiarities of our travels, should have a spirit of adaptability, and be seriously interested in the object of our research.

    Who wants to travel with us should appreciate our ability, certainly unique and valuable, to trace paths to discover authentic characters able to give a lot on a human and spiritual level, such as great masters of yoga, shamans, tantric oracles, sadu, budo, etc. Our journeys require love for the earth, for Man, require enthusiasm (en-theos = being in God), intelligence, sensitivity, respect.

    A trip with us can give a lot to anyone, but not everyone can come with us. For these reasons we carry out a telephone call or Skype interview with the interested parties before accepting them in our small travel groups.


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Selene Calloni WIlliams
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