Urban Enlightenment - Yellow Form

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Place: Milan - Hotel Melia

Hours: from 10 to 18 every day

Led by Selene Calloni Williams

Deepens the main themes of the individual schools of the academy; psychogenealogy and imaginal constellations, mindfulness, imaginal evocative regression and shamanic yoga. In particular this edition of the course starts from Shamanic Yoga, relating it to all the imaginary disciplines taught by Selene Calloni Williams, offering an overview and many tools immediately usable to live an inspired life, full of abundance.

The event is open to all: members of our training schools, but also those who attend our schools but want to have a thorough, serious and transformative experience of the imaginary approach to life. This course takes place only once a year and is conducted personally by Selene Calloni Williams.

This EU transmits the keys to success in a changing world. SCW through his coaching shows us the success that is in each of us and sends us a method, which is not the usual path of that coaching or that supermarket psychology that starts from the ego and has as its purpose the reinforcement of the categories of 'I, but that is a path of the soul.

She called it Carla's path. Carla is the pseudonym of a great artist who has risen to world fame and that Selene has met personally, but she is also Selene's mother and she is Selene herself.

  • What you'll discover

    Carla's path is a coaching that is based on syncretism and unites great initiatory paths with the psychologists of the profundity. It is a global path, just as it should be, in a world where culture is increasingly globalizing and in which it no longer makes sense to talk about individual traditions if not to combine them, compare them, assimilate them to others, keeping them all very different of them, but not separate.

    The path of Carla was outlined by SCW in the bestseller "I believe it, I succeed", released in 2018 for the types of Mediterranean Editions.

    This is an important course for all those who aspire to success, because it is not a course of theories, but of practices that can be performed daily and, if you do, they work. It's simple, clear, impeccable, infallible!

    To treasure Carla's journey, we must not understand, think, analyze, reflect, we need to practice rituals: doing leads you to being, that is, transforming your way of being, your behavior, your world.

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