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The dragon’s flight: Soul hunting, the third online-weekend of the School of Shamanic Yoga

26 January 2025 @ 07:00 - 13:00

Participation is reserved for members of the School of Shamanic Yoga. Programme for the second online-weekend.


29th Jan, 7 a.m to 1 p.m

Course Topics

In all shamanic traditions there are so-called soul-hunting rituals during which the shaman-healer leads his patient into the underworld, the dimension of the great womb of the Mother, the Earth, Nature. It is here, in fact, that the fugitive souls go to take refuge, that is, the strongest psychophysical energies capable of allowing the body to regenerate, the will to assert itself and the inner vision to manifest itself. These forces are nervous energies of a sexual nature, found within animal aggression, that power which Assaggioli called primordial hunger and which was the force that allowed mankind to survive and assert itself as a species on this Earth.

The repression of that power gives rise to plagues of anger, frustration, violence, and perversion within our society. Whereas that same power, if accepted and channeled towards evolution, becomes spiritual capacity, a force for fulfilment.

The ritual of shamanic healing is a dance in which the shaman invites the patient and all bystanders to dance with their ravenous spirits, to let themselves be devoured by their fears in order to awaken those aggressive energies that are not only the exact opposite of anger and violence that arise from powerlessness, but also a cure to depression- giving the organism the strength and regeneration that is needs.

Each time you practice the Soul Hunting Ritual you retrieve powerful fragments of your being.


This course is held for the purpose of inner development, problem solving as well as personal growth. It does not deal with or aim to solve pathologies and/or symptons that are strictly medical/health related. This course inspires to welcome those who want to embark on a journey of self-exploration, self-growth, and adventure. For those who seek opportunities for growth, who are willing to love unconditionally and see the beautiful light of this world. The services provided by Associazione di Nonterapia  do not replace fully nor partially the work of doctors and psychologists. In the event of a medical condition, a doctor must be consulted.


Il corso è svolto allo scopo della ricerca interiore, del problem solving e della crescita personale, non tratta e non si pone come obiettivo la risoluzione di patologie e sintomi di stretta pertinenza medico/sanitaria. Esso è per tutti gli spiriti liberi, per chi sa scorgere nelle difficoltà delle opportunità di crescita, per chi crede che la felicità sia cosa di questo mondo, per chi sa piangere a volte e ridere molto ed è disposto ad amare incondizionatamente. I servizi forniti da Associazione di Nonterapia non si sostituiscono nemmeno in parte all’opera di medico e psicologi. In caso di patologia è necessario rivolgersi a un medico.


26 January 2025
07:00 - 13:00