Soul Perception

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Through contemplation of the main emotions of our lives we will go "hunting" of the fragments of our soul and rebuild The Possibility of an emotional fulfillment Efforts That education and family nodes are limited.

The event is limited. Participate only if you really are willing to fill your life with love and beauty!

The erotic shamanic

It is a very important part of shamanism dedicated to the union of the individual with all existence. This union is Achieved by living passionately, giving precedence to the ability to wonder at the judgment and the love of fear.

Eros is the creative energy That can allow the acquisition of this state of communion and strength, When One Understands how to balance nadi and chakra with the heart. This is done through shamanic practices called "connection" and through a rigorous inner observation, during the waking state.

As regards, However, the dream state, we will learn to use the dream and sleep as tools to cultivate the "dream wedding", or the state in cui, during sleep, you join Their spirit guides and conceive events favorable in harmony with the positive winds of karma, stopping the negative winds.

The full realization of our spiritual journey is the manifestation of love, joy and wisdom in our lives. The essence of spiritual awakening is the movement towards awareness Overmind size. In These states of awareness we can see beyond the limitations given by separating beliefs, loneliness and isolation.

In this course, thanks to the extraordinary erotic shamanic practices, we will focus on this objective so-called "mother Obtaining": move to the Overmind size.

  • This course will help you to embody the love, peace and balance in every aspect of your life
    • Relations

    • Intimacy

    • Sexuality

    • Work

    • Money and abundance.
  • This will be done by means of "attainments are" indispensable, they are
    • Open your heart

    • Transmuting fear

    • Their rethink goals

    • Health and rejuvenation of the body

    • Open to change

    • Transformation of trauma and demons into powerful allies

    • Resilience of faculty development

    • Reconnection with the instinct by means of the "soul hunting"
  • Selene Calloni Williams

    Selene Calloni Williams is one of the highest in Europe expert on shamanism. From his experiences are born-best-selling books as " The scent of the moon ", " Address to the moon ", " Initiation to Yoga Shamanic " " Zen and the art of rebellion ." Selene holds seminars on shamanism and shamanic yoga in various countries of the world, his books are also translated into English and disseminated in many countries.

    "I consider Soul Perception, the seminar sull'erotica shamanic, an advanced stage, deep, essential, indispensable for any serious and determined seeker of peace, joy and personal fulfillment." "This course is for all free spirits, for those knows seen in the difficulties of growth opportunities, for those who believe that happiness is something of this world, for those who know how to cry sometimes and laugh a lot and is willing to love unconditionally. "(

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