Shamanic Retreat: an experimental retreat of transformative Shamanism and Alchemy

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Place: Bagno di Romagna (FC)

Your time is now. Do not miss the moment. Do not put off change. Find y power tools and implement your metamorphosis, transforming evil, discomfort, inconvenience in your most powerful allies and conquer your goals. Do not wait. Embrace the example of the shamans, of Selene Calloni Williams.
Getting out of the ordinary mindset is very difficult, perhaps impossible, if you do not have examples of what is outside the norm, if you are not able to imagine that there is an "out." The shaman is the example that is "out."
As an outsider with respect to the culture of ' consumens homo , the shaman is able to give examples of the different real map, creative. When I go in the Altai steppes to meet Svetlana, the shaman character of my books, she's usually offers me berries and always invites me to take at least two, not one, because "you are not alone," she says.
No one is alone because everyone has a spirit within them.
When Svetlana went to the taiga, in the forest, to gather juniper twigs with which to perform the rituals of purification, before removing a branch from the tree, she always asks permission of the spirit of juniper.
When she has to play the propitiatory ritual for me and for the team every year, I drive on the plateau of Ukok on an adventurous journey on horseback, Svetlana asks the plateau spirit to open up the way and give us permission for our trip.
One day Svetlana told me one thing that makes you think. "I do not know how it is possible that there are places, such as the so-called operating rooms, where you go armed with scalpels against fathers without asking permission!"

For the shaman of the steppes, organs are the ancestors. This reminds me of a phrase that CG Jung liked to say in his speeches and in his lectures: "The organs are the gods."
Avi, the de facto organs are not mere material objects, but they have an invisible aspect, like all things. The invisible man is manifested in two aspects: with a protective aspect (spirit guide) and an inspiring aspect, fertilizing (ideas).
The human being has a creative power, but cannot create for itself. The creation is always a matter of relationship, results in death, giving oneself, it demands the sacred, love. Man creates in connection with its gods - ideas.
Therefore, it is very important to understand who you are in relationship. There are two types categories of myths: the myth-natural and social myths. These are very dangerous, creating pain and suffering.
In union with the invisible, man creates all the images of their lives, including his own image. This act of creation we call imaginal to distinguish it from imagination. Imagination is a personal act, the imaginal is a relationship event.
The shaman, just as the alchemist, has a very close relationship with the invisible, he contracted a mystical marriage (the wedding alchemical alchemists) with a spirit guide who acts as a mentor, as protector and companion during the so-called shamanic trip, which is the journey through the three worlds. The shaman has relations, consciously erotic and pro-creative, with the invisible. By means of this rapport, he can act on the images, events and behaviors and change them. This aspect of the shamanic experience is defined "erotic shaman".

The consumens homo is the victim of events since it exists in a hypnotic trance in which he is not aware of being in a creative union with the divine. The gods and the social myths have not given him the possibility of awakening and awareness. The shaman is aware of his relationship with the invisible. This awareness makes him co-creator of things, rather than a victim of their reactions. The creation of events is done on the basis poetic, since the soul is poiesis, poetic imagination. The shaman is also the myth poet and teacher that he uses his poetry (through so-called "tales of power") to "pacify" the spirits and make positive changes. This aspect of the shamanic experience is defined "poetic shamanic".

Things depend on how you tell the stories. Being able to relate to the invisible, to perceive the invisible, to have faith in its presence, allows you to consider the events of your life from a totally different perspective.

The event’s value depends on how you tell them. If you let a narrator relate your thoughts, the events of your life make you a victim. The common mind is a program that aims to support that civilization is not the soul, the status quo , not evolution.

In this retreat, you will learn the most important shamanic practices and the erotic poetry of the shaman, the ability to retype your story in the most enlightening and free ways and to create a future of love, abundance and serenity.

  • Selene Calloni Williams

    Selene Calloni Williams is the greatest expert on shamanism in Europe. Her contribution to the study and dissemination of the shamanic experience through books, articles and seminars over the past thirty years has been considerable.

    "A natural psychology, such as shamanic, is based on instinctive knowledge, energies. The natural psychology is a psychology of happiness in which the theme of happiness replaces the issue of normality. 
    A psychology of happiness does not aim to create models to tame nature and to take advantage of the outside world, but seeks to bring to light what haunts the man, to find out what tricks his true nature and reveal his inner self. "

    In these words of Selene Calloni Williams  are enclosed pearls of wisdom and valuable lessons that lead to a new existential and social paradigm, characterized by a harmonious relationship, non-dual, between man and nature. This paradigm, if you really put it in place, generates a profound global change, based on a being environmentally conscious. 
    To undertake this journey towards a positive transformation of consciousness is part of an  interior change , the modification of negative emotions into positive ones and a "metamorphosis" of the cells, through a process that leads to the "mobile joy." 
    Shamanism is the natural means,  ancestral  and  authentic to start this transformation of the human being, of his mind and of his cells. Shamanism is the main tool that transmutes negative emotions into positive and that generates vibrations of joy.

  • Course topics
    • Yasa, the laws of shamanic magic and their application in shamanism tengrista
    • urban Shamanism: being different and successful in everyday life, in relationships with money and emotional relationships (sex and money as two aspects of the same energy, governed by the same chakra).
    • Alchemy transformative: turns evil, discomfort, inconvenience, problems in your most powerful allies and with their support implementing your evolutionary metamorphosis.
  • Material to bring
    • The book  The Charters of Nat  Selene Calloni Williams
    • A pencil to write on the back of the Charters of Nat
    • A bandana to blindfold
    • A "magic hood", ie a foulard or a pareo, large and light, through which you can breathe, to be wound on the shoulders and / or on the head
    • A notebook for notes
    • At least three sheets of drawing paper or card stock A3
    • Colored pencils or other types of colors
    • Mat / mat or something to lay on the ground
    • A blanket


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