Selene Calloni Williams - The Mother Mantra, April 25

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Selene Calloni Williams - The Mother Mantra

Are you looking to change unhealthy, subconscious behaviors, beliefs, and fears, to live an awakened and fulfilled life? Tune in Thursday, April 25th at 8pmET/5pm PT for Moments with Marianne radio show with special guest Selene Calloni Williams as we discuss her new book The Mother Mantra: The Ancient Shamanic Yoga of Non-Duality.  

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Selene Calloni Williams, with a degree in psychology and master’s in screen writing, has authored several books and documentaries on psychology, deep ecology, shamanism, yoga, philosophy, and anthropology. A direct student of James Hillman, she studied and practiced Buddhist meditation in the hermitages of the forests of Sri Lanka and is an initiate of Shamanic Tantric Yoga. She is the founder and the director of the Imaginal Academy Institute in Switzerland.

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Selene Calloni WIlliams
Selene Calloni WIlliams
Selene Calloni WIlliams