Selene Calloni Williams presents her new book "I Believe, I Can"

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Place: Bookshop Salvemini - Florence

Hours: 18:30 - 20:00

This book is an exceptional coaching manual for those who want to achieve great things and leave their mark; for those who do not accept being limited by fear, insecurity, lack of money, beliefs or the socio-economic status of their family; it is an effective response to the needs of those who do not want to rest content, and who are convinced that happiness and full self-realisation belong in this world, for whom these are goals that tremble like horses raring to go.

First of all, feel that intent, that vibrating aspiration within your body: it is the desire to change something, to leave a mark, the need to express yourself and to be heard.

Find that aspiration that vibrates within your body, do not let your mind steal it away and apply its own theories, begin to repeat it, to give it strength, power, space, breath and let great visions appear in you. Allow your aspiration to become an event, and this book will help you towards your goal.

The book collects the teachings of a great artist whose author does not reveal the real name. It is a woman who has achieved worldwide success and fame.

How did you get all this? His greatest strength was the ability to believe it.

  • After reading this book
    • you will no longer be able to do things you do not believe in,
    • you will know how to heal your life through faith,
    • you will know how to undo the nodes of the unconscious self-breeding,
    • you can live your life without fear.
  • I Believe, I Can

    "I Belive, I Can" is a coaching manual for Zen rebels, dedicated to artists and entrepreneurs who know how to dare and to all those who want to become visionary artists and entrepreneurs of their own success.

    A book that is a travel companion to always keep on the bedside table to be open and read even in a "casual" way, and to offer you ideas, but also energies and companionship.

    "We need a new method of thinking capable of projecting us into a future in which we can rediscover the ancient, primitive ability of man to have faith. A natural, wild, free faith is a continuous drive to overcome oneself and what the mind claims to know is a faculty able to lead to a full realization of oneself. "The author, Selene Calloni Williams, from Introduction to the book.


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