The power of money. The ten steps of eudaimonia. Milan.

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Location: Anima Edizioni, Corso Vercelli, 56 - 20145 Milan

Hours: from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00

With:  Selene Calloni Williams

Type: Theoretical-practical course

Registration:  call or write to Stella 340 8145888 (from 10:00 to 12:00) -

Behind your computer, you will always be a small pawn in a system that has destroyed nature and that has nothing to do with your true happiness and your own authentic realization.

The good news is that today you can make much more money by committing to something that gives you pleasure that returns to natural strength and sovereignty. This world belongs to the soul, not the banks or the oil and the soul is returned. Make money, get rich by committing to a mission that has a profound meaning.

Most coaches who teach you to make money by offering a supermarket psychology of the ego and that has as its goal the reinforcement of ego categories. They leave you completely helpless in the face of issues such as old age, death and the most intimate matters of the soul that, ultimately, are the ones that matter most and that make a real difference between self-fulfilment and failure, happiness and sadness.

Regain the power of money to put into the hands of the Mother! Only in this way you can really avoid working to cultivate the dream of someone else and be sure not to be manipulated, drained, just when you think you're gaining something.

The true financial freedom is to work with creativity and passion for your soul, not for the financial system that makes use of your work as a web uses the force that exerts a fly for free in order to imprison more and more.

Do you really want to be able to pursue big dreams? Do you want to really make your mark? Do you really believe that happiness is something of this world and you are determined to conquer it? Do you really want to show love for your children, for your body, for nature? Do not allow more than your forces to be diverted and manipulated. Learn to earn so free!

Eudaimonia for the ancient Greeks was that for which it is worth living, the full realization of self, which is to do exactly that by which the soul has come, which is what I totally satisfy, in what you can also engage eighteen hours a day without ever really "work" for a moment, because they're doing exactly and precisely what they feel extreme passion.

Do you want to live in abundance, feel that you can circulate a good amount of money, just enough to feel that you are not limited by the cash in any of the things you want to do, but you're not willing to commit to a non-creative activity, you are not willing to work to cultivate the dream of someone else, to do what you do not realize and consequently does not give you pleasure?

This is possible and you can learn. You have to learn it from someone who carried it out. The eudaimonia is that for which it is worth living, that great value that makes you open your eyes every morning full of motivation, is not a concept, is an eidolon a daemon, a faithful companion and protector of an irreducible: find him! There are ten precise moves to be made.

For some years now I hear voices calling me to organize a seminar on money in which to practice these ten steps: I did it.

  • What you will learn

    I am waiting for you at my unique event on the power of money, do not miss it, I will not make another one!

    • To produce money with the most important power you own: creativity.
    • To develop the mentality of those who live fully in abundance without limitations, because only in this way can you become rich, you will pass techniques that are extremely effective for this purpose, both psychological and practical. I'll let you know why the main money-making techniques that are taught by so-called financial coaches are not effective. I will explain to you which techniques, on the other hand, are more useful.
    • We will even talk about what we must eat and how we must breathe abundance, because abundance has a taste and a smell.
    • We will devote space to understanding why you want to do it and we will become aware of the fact that money is a power that belongs to the Mother and must be regained for the Mother. This is a duty of people who have a spiritual character, they must commit themselves to the attainment of abundance and wealth to put it back into the hands of the Mother.
    • If you understand why you have to do it, you are motivated, if you have the right tools to do it, you will do it.
    • The reconquest of wealth is a matter of awareness and attention. It's much easier than you can think, sometimes elementary. It is a pact with the "gods", with the "ideas" that inspire you and guide you.
    • I produced five books in a year, my books have been at the top of the sales charts and not just in bookstores specializing in personal growth, even in Amazon, Ibs, etc. They have been translated and published also overseas. I understood a secret and I am carrying out my task of love for the Mother. I have developed this course because I have been asked many times in many ways. Now it's up to you to join the abundance of life and leave behind your limits, rise above your best dreams to conceive even bigger dreams, with the awareness that life is one and you have to live it to the end.
  • N.B.

    The course is carried out for the purpose of internal research, problem solving and personal growth, it does not deal with and does not aim at resolving pathologies and symptoms of strict medical / health relevance. It is for all free spirits, for those who can see in the difficulties of growth opportunities, for those who believe that happiness is a thing of this world, for those who can cry sometimes and laugh a lot and are willing to love unconditionally.


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