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Mindfulness Intensive Imaginal

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 Place: Milan - Hotel Melià

The Mindfulness Imaginal while being much more spiritual and close to the teaching of the original Pali Canon, the Mindfulness coming from the United States, constitutes not a step back, but a further step approach of meditation to psychology and psychotherapy, because it helps ask clarity between therapy and ritual, including anesthetic surgery and aesthetic experience, between the need for control, management, power, and ability to set the experience of the sacred.

The Mindfulness Imaginal has known in recent years is a sudden strong expansion. The so-called immaginalisti, professionals of the helping relationship, that teach are now numerous. This is probably due to the fact that the Mindfulness Imaginal gives a lot both to those who learn, and those who teach it, placing each time as authentic experience.

The Mindfulness Imaginal is very appreciated not only by absolute beginners, but also by those who can themselves be treated meditation expert even before approaching the Mindfulness. Those familiar with meditation, in fact, finds himself in Mindfulness Imaginal because it puts a lot of care in preserving the intimate aspect, spiritual, sacred, magical and profound meditation even when the door in science.

This course is part of the Training Course for Instructors of Mindfulness - "Meditatio".
You can attend a single course to approach the topic of mindfulness meditation and learn to apply it in your life and / or you can decide to become instructor Mindfulness and sign up to the full path.

  • Recommended reading
    • Mindfulness imaginal, Selene Calloni Williams and Silvia Turrin, Mediterranee editions


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