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Loving the dragon, second online-weekend of The School of Shamanic Yoga

29 September @ 07:00 - 13:00

Participation is reserved for members of the School of Shamanic Yoga. Programme for the second online-weekend.

Loving the dragon: Shamanic ecstasy, alchemical nuptials, shamanic erotica, fire yoga.


  • 29th Sept: 7 a.m to 1 p.m

Shamanic ecstasy

Shamanic ecstasy is one of the most deeply rooted aspects in the spiritual traditions of many cultures, especially Siberian and Central Asian ones. This practice combines relationship and dialogue with the spirits with ecstatic abilities and helps one master the inner fire. The shaman is a psychopomp, able to mediate between the visible and the invisible worlds, and the spiritual and human worlds, they can undertake ecstatic journeys thanks to their abilities (that they have developed by virtue of initiations received, including the experience of death and rebirth).

The shaman is someone who has experiences all the world’s discomforts and problems within their own skin. When a shaman takes care of another being, they do so not because they have studied a system, but because they have experienced themselves all the ills of the world in a concentrated way (what is often referred to as “shamanic illness”. One becomes a shaman through this passage.

SCW- Shamanic erotica: conscious healing, transmutation, illumination (Mosaica)

Shamanic eroticism

The alchemical wedding, the mystical marriage, is like a key to enter and exit Samadhi (the highest state of mental concentration that one can achieve while still bound to the physical body and which unites one with the highest reality). To understand shamanic eroticism, one must accept that in our world everything is an image, a dream, an illusion. Ideas, images, are not a production of the psyche, but are eidola, simulacra. Daimons, as Socrates called them.

The art of dying is therefore the art of conjuring up images: the shaman consciously and lucidly knows how this process takes places and does not undergo it.


This course is held for the purpose of inner development, problem solving as well as personal growth. It does not deal with or aim to solve pathologies and/or symptons that are strictly medical/health related. This course inspires to welcome those who want to embark on a journey of self-exploration, self-growth, and adventure. For those who seek opportunities for growth, who are willing to love unconditionally and see the beautiful light of this world. The services provided by Associazione di Nonterapia  do not replace fully nor partially the work of doctors and psychologists. In the event of a medical condition, a doctor must be consulted.


Il corso è svolto allo scopo della ricerca interiore, del problem solving e della crescita personale, non tratta e non si pone come obiettivo la risoluzione di patologie e sintomi di stretta pertinenza medico/sanitaria. Esso è per tutti gli spiriti liberi, per chi sa scorgere nelle difficoltà delle opportunità di crescita, per chi crede che la felicità sia cosa di questo mondo, per chi sa piangere a volte e ridere molto ed è disposto ad amare incondizionatamente. I servizi forniti da Associazione di Nonterapia non si sostituiscono nemmeno in parte all’opera di medico e psicologi. In caso di patologia è necessario rivolgersi a un medico.


29 September
07:00 - 13:00