Introduction to the Mother Mantra, the ancient yoga of Non-duality, Bellaria (RN)

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Where: "Il Giardino dei Libri" Via del Lavoro, 2, 47814 Bellaria (RN) - Italy 

Selene Calloni Williams in Bellaria, at the headquarters of "Il Giardino dei libri" for an extraordinary seminar. 

Living in ecstasy is your birthright. Knowing the Mother Mantra is an individual and inner revolution leading  a glto obal change. 

This course is inspired by the practices of Mystical Marriage and the reabsorption of the real that Selene Calloni Williams has brought with great success all over the world in thirty years of passionate service and that have been so successful, both in Italy and abroad, thanks to his books translated and published in different countries. 

The tradition of Mother Mantra provides a corpus of extraordinary efficacious practices and spiritual exercises: powerful practices of withdrawing projections or reabsorption of reality for a life full of freedom, creativity and joy. By regularly practicing the "spiritual exercises of the morning and the evening" you will find yourself "awake", free from the deception of the objectivity of things, capable of consciously dreaming of a new world. 

The practices of the Mother Mantra, in fact, have the great ability to allow those who exercise them to "make soul". With this expression we mean the ability to recognize that the events that happen to us are dreams, projections, animic images: we project what we have inside and we inhabit our images. The soul is the very act of imagining. To reabsorb the real means to take every person, thing, place and event and bring it back to its real nature, which is image, dream, apparition. Then it means discovering to be dream dreamers and ceasing to be victims of events.


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