Intensive Training in Psycho-genealogy and family constellations with Imaginal approach

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Place: Rome - Inner Space

Hours: from 10 to 18 with a lunch break

Conducted by Selene Calloni Williams and her collaborators.

The most accredited course:  this course releases CME credits, CF and ECP for doctors, psychotherapists, counselors, holistic practitioners, and leading to a diploma accredited Aiscon (for Italy see Law 14 January 2013 No. 4, provisions on not organized professions, published in the Official Gazette No. 22 of 26 January 2013. 

MAKES CREDITS ECM VALID ON THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY . Those wishing to obtain CME credits must specify when registering at least 40 days before the course. Besides the diploma of "facilitator in psycho-genealogy and family constellations to imaginal approach". 

The course also releases AISCON credits, ECP for professional continuing education. 

A workshop to gain access to the memory of the race and free from the transgenerational nodes. A trip to abandon your ego perspective and see the Soul.

  • Who should this workshop

    To all, but especially for those who want to improve their lives and dissolve their fears.

    "The Constellation Imaginal has an edge, it is the most thorough job that can be done in terms of psycho-genealogy and family constellations" Stefania, psychotherapist.

    "The imaginal constellation is not comparable to the familiar constellations that I made earlier, is something more profound and decisive, extraordinary! If you have time, money and energy for a single constellation experience, do not scatter your resources, make the imaginal constellation! "Nicola, entrepreneur.

    This course allows you to understand what archetypes affect you and how to solve your social neurosis and overcome the limitations imposed by your unconscious mind.

  • What you are going to learn
    • basics of transgenerational psychology or psycho-genealogy and family constellations to imaginal approach

    • drawing the genogram and its elaboration

    • how to highlight the myth that "costellante" repeated incessantly in his life in an unconscious way

    • how to use the cards of Nat

    • basics of the symbolic and imaginal method

    • how to lead a meditation on family history

    • how to conduct a constellation to imaginal approach, how to close the constellation with "psychic formulas for creating imaginary”

  • What you need
    • The book "The Charters of Nat" Selene Calloni Williams

    • News about members of your family and on your ancestors, for example, dates of birth, death, marriage dates, any unborn children, particular events occurred (for example, changes in economic and social status, failures, significant accidents, parts migrations family) particular diseases or events that may have affected the 'fate' of the family.

    • Photographs, for you important and significant, the members of your family

    • A pencil to write on the back of the Charters of Nat

    • Leaves large drawing, preferably A3

    • Crayons or colored pencils

    • A bandana to blindfold during meditation stages

    • Mat or similar to be spread on land

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