Initiation to Shinrin-Yoku

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Place: Soul Editions - Corso Vercelli, 56 - 20145 Milan

Hours: 10:00 / 13:00 to 15:00 / 18:00

In this course you will learn the ideals and practices of forest bathing and you will be able to enjoy every moment of your life in which you will be in contact with nature, whether it is represented by a magnificent forest, whether represented by the small geranium you have at home or by the park's trees in your town. The Shinrin-Yoku is everywhere. At any time you can enjoy the magnificent force of nature and be inspired.

The term Shinrin-Yoku was coined in Japan in 1982 by M. Akiyama Tomohide then Japanese Forestry's director, he refers immersing oneself in nature with all five senses. The Shinrin-Yoku today is rightly counted among the preventive therapies. In fact, the full nature has proven therapeutic effects in empirical and scientific ways. The technology has helped to alienate man from nature. Today people spend most of their time in front of a screen accumulating "technostress" which is, in effect, a disease. Stress provides ground to the formation of even serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease. A "forest bath" (that would be the closest expression after Shinrin-Yoku) allows us to wash away the stress accumulated. There is evidence that immersion in the woods and, more generally, the contact with nature, is able to lower the concentrations of stress hormone in the body, to strengthen the immune system, to regulate the blood pressure and heartbeat, lower cholesterol. Not only that, the nature also promotes the care of psychological illnesses such as depression. There are studies that show the benefits of nature even of schizophrenia and other serious behavioral disorders. To be in contact with nature even helps to have a better memory and gives more resistance to physical and mental aging. Since the immersion in the woods acting now proven ways on the immune system powering up, it is to be taken to all intents and purposes as a preventative therapy with broad spectrum.

Over you discover three basic elements of man and nature co-operation:

1) The forest is effortlessness

Things seen from the forest are different. Sometimes people strive to earn much more, but a conscious walk in the forest can give you the winning idea and open the doors of abundance effortlessly. Nature is Demeter, the Great Mother, symbol of fertility and abundance and can teach us to conquer the abundance through the development of creativity.

2) The forest heals your relationships

Nature heals your relationship with money, with others, with your partner / partner and with your body ...

3) The forest talks to you about yourself and your ancestors

When you meet a tree to which you feel a lot of empathy, stop. Sometimes a small shrub folded in on itself, a very crooked trunk, a tree half-choked by creeping herb, a broken trunk vertically by lightning, they tell you much more than a powerful and flourishing tree, why? The tree draws you into a very deep dimension, to a body level, major emotions you share with your ancestors.

Selene Calloni Williams is the author of successful books translated and published also abroad. She is the founder and director of Swiss Academy Imaginal Academy and association travel Voyagesillumination, which organizes fantastic journeys into the soul of the world. It is the founder of the symbol-imaginal method and shamanic teacher of yoga. For almost thirty years, it is helping people achieve their goals. Among the students of his academy there are important personalities from the world of medicine and the economy, not to mention artists and athletes, that SCW has helped them achieve their goals. He has given lessons in various Italian and European universities and regularly conducts courses in Switzerland, Italy and the United States.

NB The course is conducted for the purpose of internal research, problem solving and personal growth, it is not and does not have as objective the resolution of diseases and symptoms strictly pertinent medical / healthcare. It is for all free spirits, for those who can see in the difficulties of growth opportunities, for those who believe that happiness is something of this world, for those who know how to cry sometimes and laugh a lot and is willing to love unconditionally.

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