The food of awakening, the immersion in the woods and the fluid sequences of shamanic yoga. Bologna.

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Location: Centro Yoga Le Vie, Via D’Azeglio 35, Bologna.

Hours: from 10: 30 to 18:30

With: Selene Calloni Williams

Promoter & Organizer: Centro Yoga Le Vie - Register directly, click on Seminario Selene Calloni

Reservation: The reservation and the payment in advance are required. Limited places.

A seminar to learn how to make mealtime a tool for growth and enlightenment, how to bring abundance and love into one's life through the natural bath technique and the OMI (One Minute Immersion) method which opens the heart and frees the powers overshadow them and to learn the fluid sequences of Shamanic Yoga, which will accompany you in your daily life.

A seminar dedicated to the most important thing we have: our body and nature. Beyond all theories on nutrition, we must recover the ability to "build our soul, eating", which was typical of our ancestors. 

  • Selene Calloni Williams

    Selene Calloni Williams is one of the most appreciated psychological and spiritual researchers, she has taught conscious nutrition to thousands of people, her books translated and sold in various countries of the world are carriers of seeds of awakening and change of enormous importance.

    Eating consciously and practising at least once a day for one minute the technique OMI (One Minute Immersion), immersion conscious in nature and body, can really revolutionize your life.

  • In addition

    In addition, for the occasion, Selene will also teach the "fluid sequences of shamanic yoga", the yoga postures performed in a dynamic sequence with controlled breathing able to create a state of ecstasy or expansion of awareness in which energy and creativity can develop at the better.

  • Selene Calloni Williams teachings

    Selene Calloni Williams has taught shamanic yoga for over thirty years, is the author of numerous books translated and published in various countries, has lectured at various universities in Italy and abroad she has a degree in psychology and was a direct learner of the famous psychoanalyst James Hillman. 

    Selene Calloni Williams has been a personal coach for many entrepreneurs, sportsmen and artists for many years, his books "The food of awakening, eating as a shamanic ritual of communion with the invisible" and "Shinrin-Yoku, the immersion of the woods", together with "Diverse and Winning, a manual of shamanism and transformative alchemy" are the most successful coaching books of the moment.


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