I believe, I can! Milan.

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Location: Anima Edizioni - Corso Vercelli, 56 - 20145 Milan

Hours: from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00

With: Selene Calloni Williams 

Type: Theoretical-practical course

Registration: call or write to Stella 340 8145888 (from 10:00 to 12:00) 

This is a unique course: both for style and for content, it is very different from any other coaching course. It is dedicated to artists and entrepreneurs who know how to dare and to all those who want to become visionary artists and entrepreneurs, capable of seeing the future and of winning the challenges by means of the greatest power of realization that man possesses: faith. To do this you need to be a bit rebellious. After reading this book you will no longer be able to do things you do not believe in, you will know how to heal your life through faith, how to melt the nodes of the unconscious self-boycott and live your life without fear.

The current society, which is not so much interested in making us free, successful and successful, as for making us productive elements, or workers committed to realizing our dreams, does not know what to do with the power of faith with which we come into the world. Rather, it urges us to make our faith a sort of homologous organ, something that progress has surpassed and that we can overlook.

  • We need a new method of thinking

    We need a new method of thinking capable of projecting us into a future in which we can rediscover the ancient, primitive ability of man to have faith. A natural, wild, free faith is a continuous drive to overcome oneself and what the mind claims to know is a faculty capable of leading to the full realization of yourself.

    In a society where easy answers are everywhere, just type the question, it is difficult to stay face to face with the mystery and imagination, which are the true gems of faith, of trust in ourselves and of our inner strength. Those who, in these conditions, are able to cultivate the power of faith have great possibilities and can make an effective contribution to the world.

    If you want to explore the panorama of these possibilities, the material of this course can become a travel companion. This course teaches you to be successful and full of gratification from life through the power of faith. It is an unmissable opportunity for all those who want to establish themselves, for free spirits, for those who can see in the 

    difficulties of opportunities, for those who believe that happiness is a thing of this world and feels it pulsate in itself like a horse that has to want to get out of the fence and gallop.

  • Faith is a gift

    Faith is a gift with which one is born: to come into the world is an act of faith, the world is an act of faith. But then you form the thought and the feeling that things exist because they have causes in other things and not simply because you believe in it. Then faith is dissolved, sometimes lost. We need to understand the importance of faith and cultivate it. If you have faith there are no unattainable goals, you must have faith to avoid this world to take possession of you! Faith is a quality of love.

    Each of us has an intention, an aspiration that vibrates in the body. The mind defines it according to common parameters, because the thinking mind follows an unconscious programming, of the computational schemes that are conditioned. In this way you can not produce anything really creative and winning. Those who are objective for the mind, for the soul are suffocating patterns, narrow paths, prisons. The soul has wings that the mind does not see.

    In order to unfold one's wings the soul needs the immensity of emptiness, silence and faith in emptiness and in silence.

  • First of all

    First of all, feel that there is an intention in your body, an aspiration that vibrates. It is the desire to change something, to leave a mark, the need to express yourself and be heard. The mind immediately tends to give forms to this instance, which however comes from a source unknown to the thinking mind. We can call this source instinct or soul. In fact, if you pay attention, you feel it in the organs.

    Probably this intention, this vibration, is one of the forces that wanted your birth and, as it is today, is helping to manifest and sustain the image of your body as a vehicle for your own realization.

    Things and beings exist because they have an end, not because they have a cause.

    Find the vibration in your body, prevent the mind from stealing it, sticking it on its theories, associating it rather with the vibration of a mantra and beginning to repeat it, to give it strength, power, space and breath. 

    Do not be in a hurry to give a mental form to the intention you have in your body. It does not matter if the mind does not understand it and can not describe it. When the mind takes possession of a soul intention, it filters it through the parameters of judgment: good and evil, advantage and disadvantage, etc. 

  • But when the mind calculates

    But when the mind calculates, it never reasons in terms of the advantage and disadvantage of the soul - which is your real nature - but in terms of the advantage and disadvantage of the social system, which is not your real nature. In the end those who pursue what they believe to be their own good through pure mental calculation find themselves supporting not the true self, but the system that dominates it. 

    In this way he cannot leaves any truly creative contribution to the world, he can not bring any truly positive change, because he can not help the world to see each other, to understand each other, to transform itself.

    Not only that, in truth it cannot even reachs an authentic personal happiness because happiness is giving voice to the soul. So associate your intention, your aspiration that vibrates in your body and begins to echo it.

    After a while he enters the second phase of the practice. Let great visions appear in you and do not allow your mind to judge them. In this way the vibration that is in your body will be free to express itself at maximum intensity. Do not let your mind still take possession of your intention, otherwise it will reduce it to find ways of realizing it, its ways. But there are other ways, the knowledge of these ways is conveyed by the supra-cultural ideas, if you want you can call them gods.

    To have the favour of supra-cultural ideas, a ritual must be performed. So turn off your thoughts, make a vacuum in your mind and have faith. In short, your intention will be fulfilled for sure, at increasingly increasing levels of intensity.

  • Of all the courses I have done

    Of all the courses I have done, this is perhaps the one that is dearest to me. Here I reveal much of my life and even the teachings and life of my mother. The exercises and teachings I describe are those that I have practiced every day and have inspired and helped me to write successful books translated and published in different countries of the world, to raise my children, to move from a life of privation to true abundance but above all they allowed me to act the power of love, without which neither wealth nor success nor fame would have any value. 

    Selene Calloni Willliams


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