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Mother Mantra Festival

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What is Mother Mantra?

Mother Mantra is also known as the tradition of the actual reabsorption or the withdrawal of projections. 

The practices of Mother Mantra have the great ability to allow their practitioners to build their soul. By this we mean the ability to recognize that the events that happen to us are dreams, projections, soul-images, instinctual: we project what we live in our images. The soul is the act of imagining itself.

Reabsorbing the actual takes every person, thing, place and event we ever had contact with and returns it to its true nature, which is the image, dream, apparition. It means uncovering the dreams of the dreamer and no longer being victims of the events.

What is the purpose of the Mother Mantra?

The purposes of Mantra Mother are many, reabsorbing reality and withdrawing projections, re-establishing the covenant between man and nature, and celebrating the mystical marriage with their husband, their underground light blue wedding, that reunites all opposites, and dissolves the unconscious program that prevents a full and fulfilling life.

In the tradition of Mother Mantra, everything is done almost entirely automatically. The great yogi Sri Aurobindo called the ability of the vibration of a mantra - which is a noun, a phrase, a word or a mystic syllable - to penetrate the body, in what he himself called the "mind of the cells” and realizes the deep “intent” of which the mantra is only the messenger.

The Mother Mantra carries the intention of eudaimonia, which is also called the mystical or alchemical wedding, and awakening. Perceive the good daemon, his invisible companion, and join him in an erotic/creative association, in which eros is the creative energy of life. That is the purpose of the Mantra Mother traditional practices.

The tradition of Mother Mantra (MM) includes other mantras, like the so-called Egyptian Mantra (EM) to address specific aspects of eudaimonia. The Egyptian Mantra, for example, relates to the transmutation of the relationship with money, the abundance and fertility.

  • What you will receive during the seminars?

    With Mother Mantra you can "absorb the real" free you from the prison of materialism and objectivity of things and become master of events, rather than the victim. 

    The path of knowledge of Mantra Mother has two seminaries, known as the "Diamond" and "Lightning", the conclusion of Which it Becomes "Bearers of the Mantra and you have a complete understanding of the teachings."
    Then you can receive initiation to Guardian, Which is given only once a year in Edinburgh and Enables to transmit to others the precious teachings received.

    During the initiation of the diamond, in addition to knowing the proper Mantra Mother, learn the "spiritual exercises in the morning and evening" powerful retreat practices of the projections or resorption of the real to a life of freedom, creativity and of joy. Doing regular "spiritual exercises in the morning and evening" you will end "awake", free from deception objectivity of things, able to dream consciously to new world.

    There can be no healing as an individual who is not a parallel healing the planet. The feeling of being finished, and shut ourselves is completely misleading and a source of suffering. It is the time, this, of deep ecology.



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