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Course dedicated to the NAT. Masters of nature. Location:Milan.

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Location: Hotel Melia, Via Masaccio 19, Milano.

Hours: from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 18:00

With:  Selene Calloni Williams

The Nat are the Lords of Nature, the representatives of the world under the world, of the dimension of the wild soul, of the instinctual ego, of dreams, of ancestors, of the invisible, of the eidolas, of archetypes, of the imaginal. Come with them over the Great Threshold.

You do not need anything demanding to start, just a copy of the book Le Carte dei Nat and a little bit of rebellious spirit, love for the ecology of the deep and the feeling of deserving joy, which is the easiest thing to reach, this is why, perhaps, the goal appears so complicated to the mind.

But in the world under the world there is no longer the mental obstacle, the Nat teach you to awaken your instinctual ego and are extraordinary mediation tools for creating your imaginal ego.

  • The Nat are aspects of the psyche

    The Nat are aspects of the psyche and their myths talk to you about the depths of your soul. You will receive a lot of additional information compared to the basic information included in the magical book Le Carte dei Nat, so it is essential to read the book before doing the course. The Nat will talk to you about yourself, of the images through which your soul expresses itself.

  • Wai Lan Lan, Shaman of Pagan

    Wai Lan Lan, Shaman of Pagan, prepared these practices together with Selene Calloni Williams, making them accessible to Western practitioners. Wai Lan Lan's practices are a path of "soul making" that amazes for its intensity. "Never before has it been revealed so much," said Wai Lan Lan. The "soul hunting" rituals that Wai Lan Lan proposes are powerful tools to bring things back to their real nature of images and to awaken the energies with which to be able to operate on these images.

    You'll be amazed at the results.


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