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The Big Retreat Imaginal Past Lives Regressions. Casalgrande (RE).

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Place: Casalgrande - World Association of Holistic

Hours: daily from 10 to 18, with a break for lunch

Led by Selene Calloni Williams 

Each of us lives by putting on the stage of life a myth and every one of us is redeemed, it resolves, is released when it "sees" the myth that is putting on the stage of life living. In "samskara", deep images, you can refer to past lives, there is the key to this vision and liberation.

"...Everything, everyone, happens precisely, precisely now." "Centuries and centuries, and only in these events happen; countless men in the air, on land and sea, and all that really happens, it happens to me..." Jorge Luis Borges. 

What a sense of before and after, it is an illusion or, as they say in Buddhism, "really means" past and future life "in light of the fact that the linear time, Chitta Maya ", "deception of the senses"? This and more will explore the light of the imaginal vision, which is one of the most futuristic and spiritual heights of contemporary thought.

(Language: Italian)

  • Course Topics

    Course Topics

    • What is a regression imaginal
    • Imaginal regression can "heal" the beliefs about reincarnation
    • The Ongon, driving during the shamanic regression
    • The trance reached with progressive relaxation; evocative keywords
    • The use of the pendulum
    • Transit Shamanic life / death / life.
    • Stopping the winds of Karma
    • The mirror technique
    • How to understand and decipher the authenticity of a regression experience
    • The reworking, re-absorption and integration of mnemonic fragments.
    • The future lives: how to access it and how to rework and integrated samskara, the impressions, the future life.
    • Mandala visionary of regression and progression with the samskaras of the concretions mnemonic (favorite childhood games, aptitudes and talents, places in the world, evocative historical periods, marks on the body, irrational fears, etc.).
  • Suggested Audience

    To all those who feel they have an unexplained obstacle that separates them from the realization of its objectives and wish to overcome this obstacle now. 

    This course is aimed at people who want to pursue a path of self-knowledge and inner growth, is not a substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatment where they were needed. If you are aware of your medical or psychological disorders, please consult your doctor to be put in touch with a qualified professional for your specific problem. 

  • In preparation for the course

    Look at your photo collections and find the most significant photos for you, put them aside. Put aside the pictures of your most important partners and your parents. Make a list of all the "deja vu" moments of your life. Obtain a pendulum, of any size, and of any materials other than metal or plastic. 

    If you do not already have a set, get the Cards of Nat.

    At the seminar you will have to take the photos, the list of "deja vu", if any, the pendulum, a bandana (scarf to blindfold), a large towel, beautiful, lightweight, silk or similar material provided natural, the A3 size drawing cards and colored pencil, your personal deck of " The cards of Nat“.

    Finally, open yourself to the possibility of developing an imaginary vision and to live an inspired life. The imaginal voyage, that is accomplished by means of imaginal regression, lets you explore the pictures that your instincts project: past or future lives, ancestors, dreams, childhood memories, emotions, missions and tasks. 

    You need to see in these archetypes what move you and understand the universality and the poetry of your story so you can be the “lover” of the events - which are entities, spirits - and no longer be the victim of their reactions. In the imaginal voyages, we only see those images of our past lives or future, of our ancestors, our dreams or memories that can give us something significant for our healing and awakening, only those images that contain essential information.

  • You can prepare reading these books of Selene Calloni Williams

    “James Hillman, il cammino del fare anima e dell’ecologia profonda”, edition Mediterranee.

    “Il Profumo della Luna”, edition Studio Tesi.

    “Discorso alla Luna”, edition Studio Tesi. 


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Selene Calloni WIlliams
Selene Calloni WIlliams
Selene Calloni WIlliams