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Awakening of the Dragon, first online-weekend – School of Shamanic Yoga

30 June @ 07:00 - 13:00

With this first weekend, the School of Shamanic Yoga begins: reserved for all members and open to non-students.

This first event of the Shamanic Yoga School is exceptionally open to everyone. For those who register for the school, the cost of the weekend will be deducted from the tuition fee.

Those who are already students of the school do not need to register for the event as it is already included in the tuition fee.

For non-school members, the video recording of the event will be available for three months on the personal notice board from the date of purchase.

Thanks to the Awakening of the Dragon, you will learn shamanic flow sequences as well as will be initiated.

To enter the imaginal forest, it is necessary to be able to empathize with the animals, which are the forgotten parts of our psyche, but still exist and are vital.

By breathing consciously, alternating between the fire breath and the breath of awareness (mindfulness), it will be possible for you to reach ecstasy.

Timetable in detail

The first weekend of the school will take place over two days and will follow these times:

  • 30th June, from 7 a.m to 1 p.m

What you will learn

We will familiarize ourselves with the main aspects of shamanic yoga and their practical applications, we will consider the theme of the body and how to make it more energized, the theme of the mind and how to have more ideas and the theme of the ancestors.

“In this body of mine there are all the peaks that I can admire and the flowers, even the smallest ones that from up here my eyes do not perceive. There are rivers, seas, mountains, fields, all the stars and planets. There are the sun and the moon, authors of creation and destruction. There is also ether, air, fire, water and earth.” – Thonban Hla, the legend

In our substantial fragility, there is only one thing that we know for certain: we know that we do not know.

Perhaps, once upon a time, the fate of mankind might have been in the hands of people who knew how to wear the right outfit, fit in, mundane, but all this is now under review.

Shamanic yoga is not based on the consumption of externally induced antidotes, but rather on rituals that open one up to inspiration, broaden the perspective of vision and perception. Events do not have an objective existence, they depend on how we perceive them, they can overwhelm us or uplift us, it depends on the perspective from which we observe them.

Shamanic yoga practices help us to have many ideas, to be creative and proactive. The best way to have a good idea is to have many ideas: shamanism teaches you to become familiar with ideas, which are ‘eidola’, i.e. gods and goddesses, natural forces and energies.

The poetic mind and the power of calm

A change in the state of consciousness is a transformation of the physical conditions of existence because the world is in the eye of the beholder.

There is a need for a new method of thinking. Nature, the planet, our own lives are clamouring for it. We need to translate our actions into sustainable behaviour.

There is a need for a new man, capable of grasping the voice of natural harmony in the secret of the universe, endowed with a sensitive heart, a ready attention, an impeccable will and faith, which is a force that begins when all beliefs end.

Shamanic Yoga is an extraordinary magical, poetic, ecstatic and creative phenomenon that cuts across Indian, Himalayan, and Western religions and philosophies.

It is the oldest and wildest yoga because animist shamanism, the religion of nature, the religion of the Great Mother, is the oldest religion.

Having always been handed down in oral form, the legacy of ancestral shamanism is being taken up in historical times by a mysterious current called Tantrism.

Tantrism carries the echo of the great tradition of the primordial, nature tradition into history and amplifies it in the light of an aesthetic and natural mystical philosophy.

Thus, one can speak of Tantric-Schamanic yoga.

Just as there is a Tantric-Shamanic Buddhism (the Vajrayana Buddhism of Tibet), a Tantric-Shamanic Hinduism (Shaktism), a Tantric-Shamanic Jainism, a Tantric Animism, so there is an alchemy and an alchemical psychology that represent the Tantric-Shamanic yoga of the West.

When picked up by Tantrism, the legacy of shamanic yoga first took written form around the sixth century AD, when the first texts called Tantras were written. Since then, Tantrism and shamanic yoga have never ceased to be elaborated.

Shamanic yoga is a transversal, universal, creative phenomenon to the extent that it is still being created and transformed today.

The great assonance it possesses with so-called ‘western yoga’, i.e. alchemy, makes it very close to depth psychology and the imaginal vision of frontier psychologies, such as archetypal psychology.

On this planet there is a golden thread that unites people who have a strong need for soulfulness, who feel beauty, who deeply love nature, who are willing to experience the heights of ecstasy and are sensitive to poetry.

Our pupils are those who have a dream of change in their hearts and never give up; they are the artists, the madmen, the mystics who breathe in unison with the earth, who do not fear death, but love life so much that they cannot shut themselves away in an everyday life barren of true ideals and want to live for higher values, those who pulsate with life, not bloodless zombies, but men and women who have extraordinary moments of revelation, inspiration and penetrating lucidity

Our students are all those who do not fit into established roles and behaviors. They can be artists, spiritual people, writers, adventurers, social shamans, visionaries, and seers, used to testing the limits: they challenge common cultural values in search of Truth.

Our students are imaginalists, positive, creative outsiders who lose their identity in their work. They are individuals engaged in intense self-exploration. They create their own system of rules and live by them, despite what is around them. In a society where the average man is a conformist who accepts miseries and disasters with the stoicism of a robot, imaginalists fight without giving up.

Cultures that incorporate outsiders can benefit from their contribution. Cultures that alienate outsiders by repressing them lose their most visionary, innovative contributions and risk ending up in an unhealthy situation.

The imaginalist must not only gain acceptance, but he must also succeed, because in this way he can help society and the human race to evolve. His heart has the same power as his hands, not to grasp the world, but to change it.

The theme of ancestors

Our ancestors are our mirror images- they help us see who we are. Each of us is the bearer of a destiny. A destiny is a poem, a legend, a myth, a tale in which all the passion of the reunion between human and divine is expressed. Destiny is a call to self-giving, to love. Fates express themselves in different ways, tones, colours, rhymes and rhythms, but they all have the same soul. Therefore, there is no such thing as a better or worse destiny: a destiny must be fulfilled, lived, known. Our ancestors help us to know our destiny because they are fundamental parts of it. A destiny is a poem made of emotions, our ancestors are bearers, some more, some less, of the emotions that make up our destiny and they help us to feel these emotions, to recognise them more intensely. The ancestors are archetypal images of the myth that we put on the stage of life by living.


This course is held for the purpose of inner development, problem solving as well as personal growth. It does not deal with or aim to solve pathologies and/or symptons that are strictly medical/health related. This course inspires to welcome those who want to embark on a journey of self-exploration, self-growth, and adventure. For those who seek opportunities for growth, who are willing to love unconditionally and see the beautiful light of this world. The services provided by Associazione di Nonterapia  do not replace fully nor partially the work of doctors and psychologists. In the event of a medical condition, a doctor must be consulted.


Il corso è svolto allo scopo della ricerca interiore, del problem solving e della crescita personale, non tratta e non si pone come obiettivo la risoluzione di patologie e sintomi di stretta pertinenza medico/sanitaria. Esso è per tutti gli spiriti liberi, per chi sa scorgere nelle difficoltà delle opportunità di crescita, per chi crede che la felicità sia cosa di questo mondo, per chi sa piangere a volte e ridere molto ed è disposto ad amare incondizionatamente. I servizi forniti da Associazione di Nonterapia non si sostituiscono nemmeno in parte all’opera di medico e psicologi. In caso di patologia è necessario rivolgersi a un medico.


30 June
07:00 - 13:00