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Advanced Imaginal Archetype

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Place: Milan - Hotel Melià

Led by Selene Calloni Williams

The Lord of Lightness, the Mystery of the Eternal Child

This course will address the use of puppets and Nat cards in individual family constellations and in psycho-genealogy. 
Individual work is very useful in order to bring out the fundamental archetypes that govern our destiny. 
"There is no better or worse fate, but each one must fulfill their destiny".

Understanding the forces, fundamental images (archetypes or samskaras) that dominate our destiny, pacifying them, learning to stop being victims and become co-creators of our events.

  • What will I learn
    • To understand your family constellation by means of figures
    • To develop and analyse a family constellation for yourself and for others. 
  • Recommended reading

    Psycho-genealogy and Family Constellation with an Imaginal Approach , Selene Calloni Williams, Inner Space editions

    The Cards of Nats and Family Constellations, a tool to talk to the ancestors, by Selene Calloni Williams, Mediterranee editions


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