<h1>The Mother Mantra</h1>

The Mother Mantra

The ancient shamanic yoga of Non-duality

An initiation guide to the healing practices, spiritual exercises, and secret rites of the Mother Mantra tradition.

Here is the endorsement by Mike Booth: The most ancient of wisdom traditions call on our relationship with the  mother. Now at the point of the shift away from the dominance of  patriarchy Williams present us with what can take us beyond dualism. The  mother Mantra is a calling to our depths toward unification from a  place of love. Mike Booth (Chairman Aura-Soma products Ltd.) Sept 2018

  • It  explains the practice of the Mother Mantra, which allows us to overcome  subconscious programming, to release our fears, and awaken to the  imaginal nature of reality
  • It includes instructions to the  practice of the Egyptian mantra for attracting wealth and abundance and  to the Mystical Marriage Mantra for transformation and rebirth
  • It  presents five spiritual rituals that can be incorporated into daily  life to reestablish the universal balance between humanity and the  divine

Hidden in the heart of nearly all spiritual and  esoteric traditions lies the powerful teaching of the Mother Mantra. Its  initiates have preserved its consciousness-expanding techniques for  millennia. Originating in the ancient practice of shamanic yoga, this  tradition allows us to perceive the full complexity of reality. It helps  us to see both the visible and the invisible, moving beyond the  consciousness of duality that limits us to the material world only.
Operating  in this heightened state of non-ordinary consciousness, we can see  beyond our subconscious programming and behavior patterns and understand  our possibilities and powers.

By removing all fears, it allows you to love yourself exactly as you are. In this spiritual and philosophical guide, Selene Calloni Williams shares the healing practices and spiritual exercises of the Mother Mantra tradition.

She explains how these practices bypass the thinking mind to access our higher spiritual consciousness, allowing us to awaken to the dreamlike nature of reality and release us from all fears. Shedescribes the exercises and practices of the Mother Mantra in four sections:
The first part, which dissolves the constructs of the ego; the second, which invokes ancient spirits and deities for their aid in this endeavor; the third, where we experience a divine androgynous tantric union to transcend sexual identity and spiritually fuse with the divine; and the fourth, where the previous three rituals are combined together to unlock an expanded state of consciousness and a true vision of the complexity of both the visible and invisible worlds.

The author also describes the practice of the Egyptian mantra, a soul-making ceremony that unites the initiate with the Chthonian realms and attracts wealth and abundance, and the Mystical MarriageMantra, which opens a path to authentic transformation and rebirth. 

Additionally, Selene Calloni Williams presents five spiritual rituals, including yogic poses and exercises, that can be incorporated into daily life to allow divine communication through the chakras, awaken the mind and body from the aging process, and reestablish the universal balance between humanity and the divine.

The Mother Mantra – Endorsement by Ugo Leonzio, famous Italian writer and essayist, scholar of esoteric Buddhism and depth psychology.

When James Hillman died of pneumonia on October 27, 2011 I took one of his books, which contained, on the left, 439 excerpts of texts by Jung and on the right as many texts by Hillman in response to Jung.

I wanted to listen to his beautiful voice again. This is always the case when we do not surrender to a great loss, something that can never be replaced. The one thing irreplaceable about Hillman was precisely his voice; a voice that rose from the deep, deep darkness of time, if time exists.

We could all ask ourselves this question until we could see strange faces emerge, mysterious profiles that make fun of time, of its snarls, and in sequences of mirrors give life to our dreams, real life, authentic, a life that the soul kept hidden like some precious myth in places deserted by time.

That voice was gone or hidden behind the semblance of a trivial pneumonia. That voice from where the great Hillman drew the true voice of Minos, of Poseidon, the bellow of the White Bull that was to be sacrificed… but Minos, no, he could not do it; better to fight against the will of the gods, and the sacred law of demons ... but Hillman's voice was gone, perhaps it had disappeared along with his elegant, kind, slightly fierce soul ....So, long story short, the wizards - as Hillman was regarded as one by many - remain magicians even in the invisible and cast spells, by leaving, for example,  in the compartment of a beautiful Swiss train an unknown book ... its pages untainted - identical to what you have in your hand in this moment by an author with a bit of an exotic name: Selene Calloni Williams with an equally exotic biography, full of fascinating titles.

It would be long and complicated to follow this indefatigable woman in her long journeys in search of ever-new teachers and of ancient truths lost and found again in the mists of time. At this difficult exercise Selene has reached and often exceeded her legendary American teacher.

Her way of capturing your attention is to juxtapose elements or arguments that you have always thought as inaccessible, for example- matter and emptiness, life and death - which is not the end of everything but its opposite, the greatest "invention" of the Gods; and then the forging of the soul - "to manufacture soul" - well beyond how Hillman intended it.

The soul does not exist in terms of belonging to the real world, the soul must be deprogrammed; here lies the true teaching, the true path that we must grapple in the invisible, in the dance of Shiva, but not only .... Shiva is also emptiness and nothingness... his dance is made of what a subatomic physicist would define particles or invisible waves. In the end or at the beginning we return to the nonexistent matter - magicians and shamans, rituals, ceremonies, gods, demons, angels, pulsating waves - this book reveals this simple and yet prodigious matter, nothing exists and therefore Nothing is everything. Any Zen monk tries to learn it using all the means he knows, starting with meditation. Here is Selene, the Queen of the invisible to whom he can give many names right from the beginning, starting with Aurobindo and ending with the saints of Tibet , Selene knows how to amaze you, investigating the erotic relationship between men and gods, between human and divine, between illusion and emptiness.

Her meticulousness as researcher of shadows has allowed her to reconstruct the soul, the language and the immense power beginning with the title given to her book, "Mantra Madre" which unites the most abstract concept (mantra) with the essence of the most lively and concrete material (mother).

To understand the extent and depth of the topics treated here by Selene Calloni Williams I suggest you read the index, and you will have the feeling of having in your hands not a book of oriental mysticism -  the I Ching, the Tao te Ching or the Bardo Thosgrol Chenmo - but a fantastic book of travels to pursue in the company of a somewhat omniscient and supremely spirited friend.


Selene Calloni WIlliams

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Selene Calloni WIlliams
Selene Calloni WIlliams
Selene Calloni WIlliams