Amo ergo sum

Amo ergo sum

The Forest Therapy Guide School è disponibile anche in Inglese con Selene Calloni Williams⁠

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La figura del Forest Therapy Guide è quella di un istruttore di meditazione che opera a contatto con la natura. Le meditazioni, i rituali, le pratiche che il Forest Therapy Guide insegna e trasmette sono ispirate allo Shinrin-Yoku, l’arte dell’immersione nella natura.
È una professione che si può praticare in città, in un parco, persino in un centro di yoga con l’ausilio di fiori colorati e, naturalmente, nei boschi e nelle foreste.

9 lezioni di due ore ciascuna, dalle 8 alle 10, una a settimana. La prossima edizione è in data da definire.

The Forest Therapy Guide school is now available in English! 

 9 weekly lessons (2 hours/lesson), from 8am to 10am. The school will start on the 19st of March 2024 and will end on the 14th of May 2024.

It is also a great opportunity to internationalize your work!

English or Italian speaker, this school is for you, to open your heart and your mind to the Shinrin-Yoku, the art of “forest bathing”. You will deepen your relationship with nature, with yourself and with your clients.

During this COVID fearful times, you will foremost benefit of a full immersion in nature from your home! 

You don’t have to social distance with nature and with your imaginal forest!

The School is entirely in English and provides a diploma amongst the most recognized in Europe as it is accredited by AISCON, the Italian-Swiss Association for professional counseling and coaching.

It is a 9 week online training and it will be conducted live. Every Tuesday from 8:00 am to 10:00 am you will learn directly from Selene the ancient art of immersion in nature and you will have the opportunity to chat and interact with her. The live sessions will be permanent so you can re-watch them!



Have you ever thought of being able to travel into the woods, through the most luxuriant forests of the planet, in the steppes of Siberia, or to reach the most impetuous waterfalls and the most immense deserts and to do all of this in a completely imaginal and virtual way, from your home?

On this trip, you will learn, through a wonderful online course, the principles and the practices of the Shinrin-Yoku. It will change the way you live as you will learn to practice the Shirin-Yoku in every moment of your life. You will deepen your contact with nature, whether it is represented by a magnificent forest, or it is represented by the geranium seedling you have at home or by the trees in your city park.

“In the forest you learn that non-duality is the state of the relationship that goes beyond the subject and the object.  All relationships are beyond the subject and the object. When we are in a relationship with another person,  this person acts as our mirror: we are reflections of each other and reflections cannot exist as separate individualities, they exist only in a relationship.” Excerpt from SCW Shinrin-Yoku